iMovie for Android: The three best alternatives

With iMovie, Apple also offers its users not only on the Mac a good editing software for film, but thanks to the mobile app the opportunity go on iPhone and iPad to edit recordings. A port there is the app for Android not yet, which is why we now present to you the best alternatives of iMovie for Android.

iMovie for Android: The three best alternatives

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Whether on holiday, at a party or just for fun: Hold Many situation will be not only a photo but with video. To make videos unique or just give them a little more professional paint, you can not get around a video editing app. In iOS many users access directly to iMovie, but what alternatives are worthwhile for Android smartphones? We have compiled a small top-3 list from the Google Play Store:

Video Show: the best alternative to iMovie on Android

Completely free, with no watermarks and character limit - video show has certainly not only for these reasons, more than 50 million users. With video show you can not only film and video mixing with each other but also use different objects in videos: text, images, or GIFs. Music gives many videos find a dose of drama, also with recordings of your own voice you can produce documentation like videos. When you're done, you can be compressed in the tool and share it on social media platforms the video.

Of course, there is also a paid full mode. If you buy the Pro mode for 4.30 euro, eliminating the advertising, you can download exclusive Pro-material, edit 4K videos and export the 1080p videos.

Video Editor: Video editingdownloadQR codeVideo Editor: Video editingDeveloper: Enjoy Mobi Video Editor StudioPrice: Free

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Viva Video: Hilarious effects when taking

Also Viva Video is a popular alternative for iMovie on Android devices. In addition to basic features, such as the cutting of videos, you can set certain properties already with the app directly from the films. When recording you can, for example, directly decide whether you want to optimize for Vine or Instagram. With different camera lens (fish eye and other distortion), you can also take in the videos directly different effects.

In the free version you can export videos with a maximum length of 5 minutes. If you buy the pro version of the app, this limitation is eliminated - as well as, otherwise default setting, watermark. The full version fails with 2.99 euros.

Viva Video: Free Video EditordownloadQR codeViva Video: Free Video EditorDeveloper: ♥ QuVideo Inc.Price: Free

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VidTrim: Functional Android alternative to iMovie

VidTrim hardly witty tools, is for but highly functional and just right for experienced users who know what they want to do with their mobile videos. A few features of the app at a glance:

  • convert video files to MP3 audio files
  • Frame grabber: grab images directly from the video and save
  • merge several video clips into one file
  • rotate videos

The Pro version is the cheapest in our group and costs just 1.98 euros. The free version provides edited videos with watermark. Also, you have to live with advertising.

VidTrim - Video EditordownloadQR codeVidTrim - Video EditorDeveloper: GoseetPrice: Free

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