Planet Coaster does not start: So you fix the problem

It is recently not often that there is little bugs in a game. The theme park simulation Planet Coaster has very few problems and errors. However, it will not start for some players simply. What can you do about it, we tell you in this article.

Planet Coaster makes the hearts of all theme park simulation fans higher. The developers behind the game already looked at RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 to 3 &# 8211; Sun Planet Coaster is often named as a spiritual successor to the series. Frontier Developments was due to alpha and beta already eliminate many problems and errors of Planet Coaster. However, the full version appears still some bugs with players to cause. It may happen that the game simply will not start. What can you do about it, we tell you in this article.

All aboard! Get in and take a look at the offer with Planet Coaster from the live perspective:

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Planet Coaster does not start: What to do?

Many players of Planet Coaster have the problem that Steam Although briefly indicating that the game starts, the window but shortly thereafter disappears. Back remains a helpless player and not launched Planet Coaster. We have some Solutions and support compiled and want to present you this below.

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First, it is a good idea all update drivers of your hardware. Here you must pay particular attention to your graphics card. Are the drivers of their out of date, can have the result that the game crashes or does not start at the first place. Just look at the following websites for updates:

  • updates AMD-graphics Cards
  • updates Nvidia-graphics Cards
Planet Coaster does not start or crashes? Mostly it is up to the drivers.Planet Coaster does not start or crashes? Mostly it is up to the drivers.

Everything is up to date, you should take a look at the system requirements of Planet Coaster &# 8211; if you have not done this before purchasing. Usually it may be because you possess no 64-bit version of Windows. Do you want find out which version of Windows or hardware is installed with you, start Windows Search and give here dxdiag.exe. In the following tabs shows up diagnostic program which components has your PC. Does none of our tips her can with this window also Add your information and this with your concerns send it to the support team of Frontier.

Getting help with the Planet Coaster

it is not because of the problems mentioned above, but you can try more. As simple as it sounds, you should simply times the Restart the computer. In many forums, we could read that this simple trick has really helped. Also reinstall the game can work. often can faulty patches or updates cripple the game briefly. just waiting for a new hotfix that resolves the problem or install the game and turn off the automatic updates.

Considering also that Planet Coaster runs only on Windows PCs. The simulation was not for Linux or Mac computer developed.

In addition, there is currently a problem with the 10-series of Nvidia graphics cards. However, the developers are working on a solution and want to soon release a patch. Often it may be linked to a missing Windows Update lie. Frontier therefore recommends the following procedure:

  1. Click you on the Windows Update page and going on as described.
  2. After you have installed all visited following folder: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Planet Coaster \ _CommonRedist \ vcredist \ 2015
  3. Opens the installation file here and then starts the game.

Tips for the perfect theme park in Planet Coaster


This can you try also:

  • Do you have a Steam Controller connected, includes the game and plugs in him. then starts Planet Coaster and does not close the controller.
  • disabled your Anti-Virus or sets Planet Coaster to the whitelist.
  • Sometimes the copy of a game is from your Internet connection or the router is blocking, which in turn causes problems. Changes from LAN to connect to Wi-Fi or play offline in order to circumvent this problem.

More Solutions and Problems can be found also in the official forum of Planet Coaster. Do you want to instead read our test Planet Coaster, you can find it elsewhere.


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