eBay: Delete the account – how it works

You can delete your eBay account, if you will not use it. Unfortunately, there is no button for that. We show how to do it anyway.

If you your eBay account clears, it can not be recovered. As you your eBay Classifieds account deletes them is available at the link.

Here you can announce you your eBay account.Here you can announce you your eBay account.

Delete eBay account now*

So clears it your eBay account

  1. Opens this eBay form * to cancel your membership.
  2. Get in touch with your to account information, if not already done.
  3. Now choose from the dropdown menu any reason and clicks Continue.
  4. The next step is choosing her "No. Please close my eBay account " and confirmed Continue.
  5. Scroll to the next page down, check the box and confirmed with Delete my account membership.

Info: Opens time eBay's hotline if you have it thinks you differently, and you want to do the cancellation reversed.

155378How does eBay?

It may take a few days, until your account really deleted. nor are transactions open, eBay will delete your account immediately, but within a certain time, you make the cancellation reversed or can settle the claims.


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