Ctrl & amp; Ctrl key: Where and what are the keys?

What does the abbreviation Ctrl or Ctrl on a PC keyboard? For which shortcuts you need the Ctrl and Ctrl keys at all and how successful the key combinations Ctrl key on Mac? All information on the Ctrl and Ctrl key takes you in the following guide.

The Ctrl key can help you enable keyboard shortcuts quickly and easily enter commands that you can work more efficiently not only in the office software Microsoft Office. What it has and with the shortcuts to be what is the difference between the Ctrl and the Ctrl key, we tell you below.

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Ctrl and Ctrl = Control and control, the same key

On Ctrl on the keyboard does not mean anything other than Control. Ctrl is analogous to Control. Between Ctrl and ctrl there no difference, it is simply the German name on the keyboard and to the English translation. Both buttons do the same thing and are located in the same place.

Control key on computer keyboardCtrl key on the English keyboard.

Control does not mean string

It used to be often thought that Ctrl stood for the English word string. But this is not so, although the idea is not so far-fetched. First string is actually like abbreviated in English with Ctrl. Second, with the control button always a command with a shortcut key, a key chain, so to speak, and also means string &# 8216; chain&8217; or &Sequence; # 8216&# 8217 ;. But as logical as it may sound, is really control. By the way, are strong or strange wrong.

  • The control button is always the bottom left on the keyboard.
  • Additionally, there is a second button to the right, the left of the arrow keys.
  • has the Ctrl or Control key no specific function, it is always used with at least one other key as a shortcut.
Ctrl & amp; Ctrl key: Where and what are the keys?Ctrl key on the German keyboard.

Ctrl: the main commands of the control key

What is the control or Control key used on the PC keyboard in particular? For example, they can make everyday life easier properly because with certain combinations commands can be executed, for which you would otherwise need several mouse clicks.

Best known here probably the keyboard shortcut for copy or paste. You can use Ctrl-key shortcuts also select all or use the keyboard shortcut for searching for a text. This goes as follows:

Ctrl-ASelect all. you are in a folder, all files are marked, for example. In a text document, the entire text.
Ctrl-CCopy Shortcut: This can you copy files or text. Insert found below.
Ctrl-FPushing her in a program Ctrl-F, mostly finding opens.
Ctrl-HCtrl-H or Ctrl-R are available for search and replace, which can be, for example, seek out specific locations in texts and replace it with something else.
Ctrl-OHas the same function as when you click on Open in a program.
Ctrl-PIn order to open the Print dialog.
Ctrl-QTerminates the program.
Ctrl-RCtrl-H or Ctrl-R are available for search and replace, which one out looking make certain example in texts and replace it with something else.
Ctrl-STo save.
Ctrl-VPaste: Tastenkomination to insert text or files (must have been previously copied or cut).
Ctrl-XCut text or files.
Ctrl +So that the display is enlarged.
Ctrl -And again reduced.
Ctrl-F4does not finish the whole program (like Alt-F4), but a current document or window in the program.

The control key is therefore still an important key that can make working at the PC and speed &# 8211; because if you know the right commands.

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Open Task Manager: Ctrl + Alt + Delete

With the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Delete opens the Windows Task Manager and end you can about running programs and processes. Do you use Windows 10, there are four different ways. Whether Ctrl + Alt + Delete works with Windows 10 and which paths lead you to your destination, you read our article Windows 10: Call up Task Manager and open &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s.

Ctrl with Mac

For the Control key on the Mac, there are two options, depending on the purpose for which they want to use there you:

  • cmd key (formerly Apple icon): Command key to enter commands via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Control-click on Mac: Replaces for example, the right mouse button allows you to enter special characters or window scrolling.

To run with the Ctrl key shortcuts on the Mac, so you can try the cmd key usually.

shutterstock_328631582_strg-macDepending on the application the Cmd-key corresponds to the Ctrl key on the Mac.

More information about how eingebt their commands by pressing a key on the different platforms, you read our articles shortcut &# 8220; Insert&# 8221; &# 8211; Windows and Mac - is so&# 8217; s and Task Manager on Mac: What corresponds to Ctrl + Alt + Del?


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