Aldi Talk: App does not work (causes)

If the Aldi Talk app not funktoniert that Aldi servers are usually busy. We show how you find out the cause.

Aldi Talk: App does not work

When the Aldi servers are busy or an IT problem, the Aldi Talk app no ​​longer works.

Aldi Talk app can not connectAldi Talk app can not connect

Short solution: On the website allestö you see if users have reported problems with current AldiTalk and whether your region is also affected. If not, you can find out from the following list to see if the fault is on your side.

Causes and Solutions

  1. Checks whether the Internet on your smartphone works (any web page in a browser open).
  2. Report to "My Aldi Talk" at to see if the login server is still working.
  3. Open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store *Aldi Talk: App does not work (causes) and updates the app, if updates are available.
  4. Starts your smartphone new.
  5. Uninstall the app and install it afterwards again.
  6. Turn ye to the Aldi Talk hotline if the problem is a long time or as soon as possible you seek a solution. In the video we have put together tips and tricks about this:
366103Help and advice when AldiTalk Customer Service

If anything the fault has been with you, it likes to write us in the comments, so we can get the point.

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