ChocoEUKor, RoseEUKor, CoolEUKor and Co .: What is it?

Anyone who reads through the applications you have installed or running programs of its Android device, there is usually much more than expected. Almost every mobile phone comes with a number at the factory installed apps and services. These apps include RoseEUKor, CoolEUKor and chocoEUKor.

Find out here what's behind these applications, and whether you can delete these apps. It must be satisfied that these items are not viruses or spyware or malicious programs, but were established by the manufacturer normally starting work.

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Can you ChocoEUKor, delete RoseEUKor, CoolEUKor and Co.?

Are the applications pre-installed, it is not possible with a standard Android smartphone to delete these apps. If you want to get rid of the apps, the device must first be rooted. Then help apps like Titanium Backup when deleting ChocoEUKor and Co.

  • behind ChocoEUKor or RoseEUKor no system-important apps.
  • The applications provide additional font packages on the Android device.
  • Who can do without these fonts, and has a device with root privileges, can delete ChocoEUKor and similar items normally hesitation.

ChocoEUKor, RoseEUKor, CoolEUKor and Co .: What is it?

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useless ChocoEUKor, RoseEUKor, CoolEUKor and Co .: hazardous and (mostly)

Disturb you the applications or suspected her that the Android device thus works more slowly, you can applications without root disable at least. Selects the appropriate entry from the app launcher and click there on then "force stop" as "Deactivate". Although the app is installed as an entry on the device, but these items do not apply in the inactive state continues on system resources.

In the case of CoolEUKor and Co. is writing packages with Korean characters. Who does not want to use it, can do without on his Android device to it.


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