Best quotes from Breaking Bad: The best-known sayings

Best quotes from Breaking Bad: The best-known sayings

Christoph Kochon 22/01/2015 at 13:17

With &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; managed Series creator Vince Gilligan to create a milestone in television entertainment, who can still win many hearts and far to its end! We remember back to the great show and present to you the best quotes and sayings from &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221 ;!

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&# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; is, without exaggeration, a small milestone in the television landscape, because series creator Vince Gilligan created with the drama series a still highly exciting and inventive television series that could make many fans happy and continue to have new rave series fans for itself can win! the history of the intelligent but unassuming high school chemistry teacher Walter White, great is told played by Bryan Cranston, is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and he will then decide, along with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paulenter) into the drug business to know his family after his death financially safe.

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The two early drug kings sink deeper and deeper into the quagmire of crime and meet many iconic figures and characters, of which Saul Goodman &# 8220; Better Call Saul&# 8221; is treated to even his own spin-off series. &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; travels throughout its history to many historical moments and quotes, fans of the series probably will not soon forget. Also, we plan to go back a little indulge in fond memories and present the best quotes from you &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221 ;!

Who the success series&# 8221; Breaking Bad&# 8221; now has to make up or has got the desire for the citations to go down along with Walter White in the dangerous drug world who can look at the complete series here:

&# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; the stream from Amazon *Best quotes from Breaking Bad: The best-known sayings

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But enough of the preface, now have fun with the best sayings and quotations from &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221 ;!


Best quotes from Breaking Bad: The best-known sayings


I shit on you&# 8230; and on your eyebrows!


Fuck you! And your eyebrows!

(Season 1, Episode 1)

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