Steam Achievement Manager: unlock achievements and Trading Cards

Steam is now no longer just a platform to play games and buy new games, but also offers numerous community features, including trading cards and Achievements. Some trading card there only if you have activated the corresponding success in a game. If you want certain Achievements to unlock, there is the Steam Achievement Manager.

Steam Achievement Manager: unlock achievements and Trading Cards

But so easy it is not done with the manager Steam Achievement download. Read here what the tool has to offer, the dangers and risks of s.r.a. brings with it.

Steam Achievement Manager: Is that allowed?

Of course, the Achievement Manager is not officially shared by Valve's tool. With the SAM.picker you can sift through the Steam database and unlock Achievements and trading cards with a mouse click without having to own the game at all. Even Game Time needed for unlocking of cards, can be simulated by the Steam Achievement Manager.


However, the tool also has its downsides. So is this is a cheat app that undermines the community concept of Steam. Moreover, the use of Achievement Manager of the Terms of Game client violates. The developer that offers the Steam Achievement Manager for download, holds a spell of Steam accounts Although unlikely, yet a VAC-Ban is not excluded due to a suspected cheat.

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Steam Achievement Manager: spell danger?

Of course, the Steam Achievement Manager of gamers is not only used to tune his own account on an unnatural way. In some cases, the use is actually quite sensible and useful, such as when you want to reset Achievements in Steam in order to unlock it again. In addition, the use if an achievement despite the progress requirements by a game was in error is not unlocked and you can not rerun the tasks for the success or want is.

Due to the spell-risk of SAM should not be used at VAC games. In addition, one should not be too greedy when disconnecting the successes and unlocken not too many achievements at once.

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