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Adobe Photoshop for free: The undisputed leader in image processing which offers functionality and ease of use - and is fully available for free. Made possible by a slightly older but still powerful version CS2 image editing software. With us, you can download you the program for Windows and Mac. 

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Those who want to edit photos, images or graphics, can not ignore the well-known software Photoshop from Adobe Systems. The default program for image processing Adobe Photoshop offers numerous functions and features - unfortunately, the regular full version is very expensive. But there is a possibility Adobe Phtoshop free to use: You have the slightly older version Adobe Photoshop CS2 completely free at. Although the software was built in 2005 but is still very powerful and offers many interesting features &# 8211; for home use and especially for beginners, it is therefore sufficient.

Adobe Photoshop in free download

You can you Adobe Photoshop CS 2 Download free, but Adobe has EXPRESSLY out that you need a license for it. In the user conditions of the manufacturer writes:

Adobe does not recommend running unsupported and outdated software. Specified for the download serial number can only be used by customers who have legally acquired 7 CS2 or Acrobat and the need to continue to use the current products.

Say you already need Adobe CS2 Photshop bought in the past, to download it for free. The download without a prior license is a violation of copyright law!

To Adobe Photoshop CS2 free, it does the following:

  1. First you have to create you an also free Adobe ID. For this you surf on the Adobe website.adobe-id
  2. Give your name on the form, your e-mail address and your residence and then sets a password.
  3. After you receive an email with a link that you must open in order to confirm the address.
  4. Now surfs you accept the provisions on the download page and.
  5. Now you can select an appropriate version for you. It is possible to select different languages ​​or operating systems. Besides Photoshop you still can here download more programs like Audition or Illustrator. adobe photoshop download-versions
  6. During installation you must enter the serial number that appears to the right of the download links. Copies it best in a Word document and stores it in case you need them later again.

Adobe Photoshop CS 2: Enable serial number and register

To enable Adobe Photoshop CS2, you use the serial number 1130-1414-7569-4457-6613-5551 (Windows) or 1130-0412-8377-1896-9751-5759 (Mac). More information can be found on the official Adobe page to download CS2. To use the program in full, you need the Adobe ID that you have created yourself up. Also check out our video guide, in which we give a first overview of the many functions of the image processing program.

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Adobe Photoshop CS 2: System requirements for Windows and Mac

Thus Adobe Photoshop is running correctly on your computer, you have to bring at least the following system requirements:


Processor (CPU)Intel Xeon, Xeon Dual, Intel Centrino, or Pentium III processor or 4
operating systemMicrosoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or 2
Random Access Memory (RAM)320 MB RAM (384 MB recommended)
Space on the hard disk650MB
monitorResolution of 1.024&# 215; 768 with 16-bit video card
driveCD-ROM (for the paid version)
OthersInternet connection to activate the product


Processor (CPU)PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor
operating systemMac OS X v10.4 to v.10.2.8 (10.3.4 to 10.4 recommended)
Random Access Memory (RAM)320 MB RAM (384 MB recommended)
Space on the hard disk750 MB
monitorResolution of 1.024&# 215; 768 with 16-bit video card
driveCD-ROM (for the paid version)
OthersInternet connection to activate the product

So on a modern computer, there should be no problems getting Photoshop CS2 running. In a professional environment Adobe Photoshop is used according to a study of more than 90% of designers and used by over 10 million people worldwide. The program supports both the original English 21 additional languages. Also German is of course doing with.

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 free trial

The current version (as of August 2017) Photoshop is Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, which was published on November 2 2016th Compared to the previous version of Adobe Photoshop CC provides 2017 Ease and numerous new features, including:

  • Improved cooperation with libraries
  • Developer Libraries panel
  • Improved Artboards
  • Workspace for selection and masking

There are also some features that are available exclusively for the Microsoft operating system Windows 10 is available, for example, is possible the 3D output in Microsoft 3MF format. You can test 2,017 free Photoshop CC, but only for a limited period. Visits to the website of Adobe * and report to you. If the trial period over, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the program.

Adobe Photoshop subscriptionsAdobe offers different price options, depending on the extent to which want to use their Photoshop.

The first use Photoshop had in 1989 in post-production visual effects of the sci-fi film The Abyss. The film received a year later, thanks to its groundbreaking special effects Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

Adobe Photoshop Download ScreenshotMany standard features of modern image-processed industry were introduced in Photoshop first. The program thus considered one of the most innovative products of today's computer industry.

Also private users, Adobe Photoshop has primarily established for editing digital photos. Here the image editing program has a host of features that hardly any user can fully exploit.

Adobe Photoshop Tesversion - Numerous functions in a program

Adobe Photoshop offers so-called RAW support for many digital cameras, so it can import raw files of the cameras. The raw data format varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but has the advantage of being without any loss in contrast to the known JPEG format. So a completely black to the eye image in RAW format may still contain information about the scene using Adobe Photoshop can be made visible.

Using the Content Based mending objects can be replaced by other image areas of the image. The net results are immediately visible:

  • The area to be cut is selected by using the marking tool and then pulled to the region through which the object should be replaced.
  • The selected area will be replaced with the selection of the new area.
  • When the mouse button is released, Photoshop calculates the edges of the areas, creating a remarkably realistic image flow, so that is no longer to recognize that the area was replaced.

Thanks to the new Mercury Graphics Engine results from many editing tools are immediately visible. Where once a long time had to be used for letting render the image, a non-satisfactory result can be reversed right back and improved. For example, photos can be processed faster and more comfortable.

Blur and focus are also flagship features of the editing application. With the Blur Gallery in Photoshop can be selectively cut-outs in total focus blurred images or vary the blurring of focus points.

Abyss Alien PhotoshopThe special effects for the alien from the sci-fi classic &# 8220; The Abyss&# 8221; were reworked with Photoshop. Source: 20th Century Fox

Adobe Photoshop &# 8211; Image editing quickly and efficiently

The revised user interface, the tools can now be found more quickly. The workspaces can be individually put together and each combination can even be saved. In this way you can arrange provide work areas for different activities and fall back quickly.

In order not to disturb the work process, the memory operation is performed in the background while you continue to operate undisturbed in the project. In addition, modified files are automatically backed up at least every 10 minutes so that the work is not completely lost in a sudden system failure.

By automatic edge detection Photoshop, complex picture elements like individual strands of hair or grass blades can be selected easily. By the color recognition among other skin tones can be corrected or received.

Adobe Photoshop has a large and very active community that constantly submit proposals for enhancements and changes via Facebook and Twitter. Constant improvements and additional features encourage creativity and increase user productivity.
Photoshop is not just individual images can revise, but also create movie clips in the familiar Photoshop environment and optimize. So the complete range of tools for image editing is also available for video editing.


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