Scorpion: Season 3 is bestätigt- when it comes to Germany?

It's official, the US broadcaster CBS has donated his drama series "Scorpion" a squadron of the 3rd Apparently agreed quotas, so that the series may return in the upcoming television season 2016/2017 to the US television screens. We tell you what we know now about the upcoming season and their start date.

Scorpion: Season 3 is bestätigt- when it comes to Germany?Source: CBS

"Scorpion" is again one of those series where the critics were not a good hair, but extremely well arrived at the spectators. No wonder. The concept is the radiating US broadcaster CBS not a new one: a few nerds and a waitress form an investigative team that solves difficult cases. &Scorpion; # 8220&# 8221; united "The Big Bang Theory" and "NCIS", both of which are also very popular series - in the German TV.

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"Scorpion" Season 3: We already know

Season 1 of &Scorpion; # 8220&# 8221; is now available on Blu-ray and DVD on Amazon *Scorpion: Season 3 is bestätigt- when it comes to Germany?

The first season of "Scorpion" started with a total of 22 episodes. Season 2 had 24 episodes. We assume that the third season will again have 20 episodes. The 24th episode of "Scorpion" Season 2 has left us with quite a few questions.

+++Attention mega-spoiler +++

Toby has asked for Happy's hand, but was rejected. Apparently she is already married to someone else. we currently do not know more. It could, however, be addressed in Season 3rd In addition, Paige is left for a weekend trip with Tim Armstrong, what regrets Walter, after all, he said out loud that he loves her. Right here the plot of the next season is to start, according to producer Nick Wootton and Nick Santora.

+++Spoilers end +++

When does "Scorpion" Season 3 to Germany?

In the US, Season 2 is already completely gone. The third season is ordered, but not yet started in the US TV, so we have to be patient until about the spring of the 2017th

Where can we look at the new season?

In Germany, it has secured the broadcast rights, the ProSieben Sat.1 Media Group. Season 1 and 2 of "Scorpion" first ran on the pay-TV channel ProSieben Fun. Only after full radiance Season 1 was first broadcast in German Free-TV on Sat.1. Since 3 April 2016 "Scorpion" Season 2 runs on Sat.1.

"Scorpion" You can watch in the online stream. Currently, two seasons are available from several vendors. The following streaming services have "Scorpion" in the program:

  • Amazon *Scorpion: Season 3 is bestätigt- when it comes to Germany? has the first two seasons in the program. However, do not include in your Prime subscription. One limitation, however, there: From Season 2 *Scorpion: Season 3 is bestätigt- when it comes to Germany? only the consequences already sent are available.
  • Maxdome you can find the episodes of the second season already sent -optionally in English or German. Here all the consequences in the subscription price are included.
  • The online video store iTunes *Scorpion: Season 3 is bestätigt- when it comes to Germany? has two seasons in German or in English in the program. However, here only the already broadcasted episodes of the second season can be found.
  • In your Netflix subscription is the first season of "Scorpion" available in English. As subtitles can choose their French, German or Dutch.


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