Yalla !: All about meaning, translation and more

A six-member jury of the Langenscheidt publishing house has decided: "Yalla" The statement has the third prize in the election for youth word of the year 2012. FU! And YOLO ran him off the rank. Here you learn what Yalla! Translated, what it means and in what context it is used.

Since 2008 Langenscheidt Publishing elects the youth word of the year. 2016 occupied "fly his" "bae" before the first place. Although youth slang is very short-lived and changes very quickly encounter and we hear even today the words that have been elected youth word of the year several years ago. To this end, include not only Bam also YOLO, Hayvan, merkeln and Yalla!

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Yalla !: translation and meaning

Literally translated Yalla " "Hurry up", "Let's go" or "Go away". The actual meaning of the word here depends on the context:

  • When two friends are about a date and want to work together to a party. A (r) of the two needs but longer, the other person can say, "Yalla! We're too late! "In Spanish we used to, for example, the term" Vamos "or in French" On y va. "
  • For example, if a person is in a place where they can not be or should be, then someone else can a &# 8220; Yalla!&# 8221; call. This then means something like "Get", "Get out."

Yalla should not be confused with Wallah her. More on the importance of Wallah you learn here.

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Yalla and the music

The word Yalla has not only found its entry into the youth language, even in music, it is present:

  • Yalla is also the Name an Uzbek folk-rock band, which was founded in the 1970th Back in the 70s and 80s it was one of the most popular bands of the Soviet Union. Their music is characterized by the fact that both traditional and modern instruments is heard. Also sung both in Russian and in Uzbek languages.
  • Yalla is also the Title of a song by Inna. Inna (born 16 October 1986) is a Romanian singer who mixes in her music electropop, dance-pop and house. Here you can listen to the song:

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