PS4 hire purchase: Console pay in installments – here you go

Especially for big purchases sometimes advisable to look at a possible payment in installments. Here, the purchase amount is not deducted at once from the account, but paid off the device monthly. Of course you can also buy the PlayStation 4 per installment.

PS4 hire purchase: Console pay in installments - goes here's

On the web, various vendors, where you can find the PS4 to find rates. Of course you should only buy expensive equipment if you also have the corresponding cash for a rainy day. Especially at Christmas time and at the beginning, however, the account can be quite shaken by the gift buying and pending insurance deductions. If you still do not want to forgo the year-end to the purchase of the console because such. As an interesting PS4 bundle or just appeared is on offer, there is nothing against a purchase in installments.

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PS4 hire purchase: Console pay in installments

  • An online retailer that specializes in the purchase in installments, the zero percent Store *. Behind the online store infected with a renowned, reputable and well known online store.
  • Currently you get there, the PlayStation 4 console in 500GB version for 27,42 € per month for a financing term of 12 months. Do you choose a term of nine months, you pay € 36.56 a month. The minimum period for paying up is 6 months, then a monthly payment of € 54.83 per month will be charged.
  • The online retailer OTTO offers until 28.12. a 0% financing for a payment of 12 monthly installments of. The installment can be selected as payment method when ordering. Do you choose a different staggering of monthly installments of a percentage measured in purchasing amount Supplement charges. To pay in installments at OTTO *PS4 hire purchase: Console pay in installments - here you go.
  • Amazon does not offer any direct payment in installments. This only works when going through the house VISA credit card. More information: Amazon installment - so it goes.
  • With us you learn also how it looks with the financing in the media market. In addition, also Saturn *PS4 hire purchase: Console pay in installments - here you go a 0% financing on.

Hire purchase at Saturn*


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PS4 in installments: the one should note

Do you choose the installment payment option, a credit agreement is concluded with a specified offered Bank. Here, you should take a look at the fine print throw. Here, all the important information, such as any rate fees, Exclusion and information can be found at runtime. The first installment falls normally begin only when the device was actually delivered. Should the buyer in paying the installments are in default, it is up to the dealer to claim the remaining purchase price in one fell swoop or to raise interest rates. In addition, late payment fees and a credit bureau entry can result therefrom.

Do you want to save on your next online purchase, throw a glance at our OTTO vouchers.

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