The best anime movies of all time – Top 10 Japanese Cinema Art

Anime films are enjoying in Germany a large fan base. Given the many published in German language titles it difficult especially for beginners to find the right anime film. To help you get started in the Japanese art of film or to plug any gaps in your DVD collection, we present the top 10 anime films.

The best anime movies of all time - Top 10 Japanese Cinema Art

As tastes go in anime apart and we want to avoid swinging online fists and bloody noses, is primarily the IMDB rating used (as of October 2013) for evaluation. You can in the comments but like to complain (in controlled dimensions) if your favorite is not there.

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Anime Movies: The Beginnings

The oldest known anime goes back to the year 1900's. In 50 pictures, or three seconds, two-color film shows a boy in a sailor suit, &# 8220; katsudoushashin&# 8221; writes on a blackboard and bowed to the audience. Until the discovery of the short film in 2005 Imokawa Mukuzō Genkanban no Maki was built in 1917 as the origin of the currently known anime. The first anime film that has found its way to Germany, was Magic Boy, which was aired for the first time in 1959 in local movie theaters. In recent years, anime films were broadcast in German cinemas, including Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and various movie tie Pokémon. Spirited Away could dust off an Oscar and a Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2002 even. First publications of cartoons in the Japanese homeland already existed from the 1917th

The Japanese art of drawing, incidentally found with Anime Awesome a nice area with us. But what are the Top 10 now anime movies of all time? Let's get to the top list.


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