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The Core Temp Download is a program for reading the CPU core temperatures. In addition, the exact processor specifications can be determined with Core Temp.

Those who want to overclock its processor needs accurate information about the power and temperature data of the CPU. For this purpose, the freeware Core Temp is very suitable. It shows not only during a load test, the exact, read by processor sensor data related to the physical CPU, but also depends on the individual cores. In addition to the Core Temp Download other data related to the displayed processor, such as the CPU socket, the code name, the revision processing and the applied core voltage.

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Core Temp

Core Temp Download: The interface of the program

After downloading Core Temp and installing the program, you can start it directly, an installation must not only be carried out. The program window of Core Temp Downloads can be found then at the top of information on its processor, while on the information available to the temperature values ​​below. At the top you can to examine the processor, the Core Temp, select which of course only makes sense if the system uses more than one CPU.

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Additional features of Core Temp

The program can also log the maximum and minimum values ​​of the temperature data can be recorded in an Excel file. The Core Temp download supports all current and many older CPU models. A complete list can be found on the manufacturer's site. other programs to identified by Core Temp values ​​can be accessed through a programmatic API, more information to can be found also on the manufacturer's website.

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