Company of Heroes 2: Tips, tactics and units

The Eastern Front of World War II - or the Great Patriotic War, as it was in the Soviet Union - is one of the most brutal battlefields of human history. So that you can cope better find yourself and master any skirmishes, we have some tips, tactics and strategies collected, which will help you in Company of Heroes 2 to victory.

Company of Heroes 2: Tips, tactics and units

Company of Heroes 2: Tips and units &# 8211; Overview

Basic Tips
overview &# 8211; Soviet Union
overview &# 8211; Germany
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Pioneer squad
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: recruit infantry squad
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: sniper patrol
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Light armored car M3A1
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Strafbataillon
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Heavy MG PM 1910 &# 8220; Maxim&# 8221;
units &# 8211; Soviet Union squad with 82-mm grenade launcher BM-41
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: 76-mm field gun Division SiS 3
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: M5 Halftrack
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Light Tank T-70
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Medium Tank T-34/76
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Katyusha rockets truck BM-13
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Selbstfahrlafette SU-76M
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Middle Jagdpanzer SU-85
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Guards Rifle Infantry
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: shock troops
units &# 8211; Soviet Union squad with 120-mm grenade launcher M1938
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Medium Tank T-34/85
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Flammpanzer KW-8
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Heavy Tank IS-2
units &# 8211; Soviet Union: Self-propelled artillery vehicle ISU-152
units &# 8211; Germany: Pioneer squad
units &# 8211; Germany: Grenadiers
units &# 8211; Germany: troop with heavy MG42
units &# 8211; Germany: squad with grenade launcher 34
units &# 8211; Germany: Sniper
units &# 8211; Germany: Panzergrenadiere
units &# 8211; Germany: Halbkettenfahrzeug Sd. Car. 251
units &# 8211; Germany: armored car Sd. Car. 222
units &# 8211; Germany: Panzerabwehrkanone 40
units &# 8211; Germany: StuG III
units &# 8211; Germany: east-Flakpanzer
units &# 8211; Germany: Panzer IV
units &# 8211; Germany: Panzerwerfer 42
units &# 8211; Germany: Brummbär Brummbär
units &# 8211; Germany: Medium Tank Panther V
units &# 8211; Germany: SD. Car. 250/7 Grenade Launcher Halbkettenfahrzeug
units &# 8211; Germany: Heavy Tank Destroyer Elefant
units &# 8211; Germany: Heavy Tank Tiger V


Basic tips for Company of Heroes 2

If you've played the previous, you can set upon it to recognize most of it. Company of Heroes 2 uses basically the same mechanics that were most easily customized. There are some new elements, such as the snow cards, but these are explained in detail here.

- You get to know in the course of the campaign, all functions and units, so it's a good idea to play it before you your military career starts. At least the tutorial should you undertake in any case, if you have never played Company of Heroes. More precise details and tactics to the units can be found on the following pages.

- Company of Heroes 2 is very tactical, in the individual battles you have carefully to their own units be careful and if necessary a little directing. Specifically, this means: infantry should always be in coverage, vehicles should face the enemy and support units such as mortars, snipers or artillery, should be involved in direct firefights ever.

- The two factions in CoH 2 play enormously different. The Soviets are mobile, put on mass and affordable units, losses do not hurt quite so much. The Germans have high quality units for gobble more resources, they can dig in and late in the game, provided enough resources to roll over with strong armor the enemy. Try out both factions and find the one that is you, rather. In the appropriate sections we both armies examined more closely.

- Cards dominance is very important, because unlike other strategy games, in which one degrades resources to obtain them in CoH 2 by the control of sectors. Controlled sectors can also be built by pioneers to increase the resources supply. Caution: If a sector is not connected to your headquarters, because the enemy has conquered the sectors in between, you will receive from there no more supplies.

- There are three resources in CoH2: Worker, ammunition and fuel. Labor is used to request all units, infantry and armored guns cost excluding labor. Ammunition is used for the upgrade of individual units and the activation of skills. Fuel is the construction of vehicles and the acquisition of global upgrades. Think about good as it focuses: Depending on the style of play and Command ammunition or fuel are important.

Company of Heroes 2: Tips, tactics and units

- A new element in CoH 2 are the commandants. Before going into battle, we can determine three commanders, to which one then has access during a match in "Army adjustment". Kommandanturen make it possible to create new units to the field, to request assistance such as artillery or air attacks or passive unlock new abilities for the units. In the match itself, it is important to adapt to the enemy: If one chooses his headquarters early, you can take advantage of their benefits quickly, but if you wait, you can better react to it as the enemy does.

- Also new are the reports or bulletins. While you play, you gain their specific achievements, such as eliminating units turn off. These achievements grant you bonuses that can equip you with "Army adjustment". There passive bonus skills such as higher accuracy, more life or simply more damage. You can equip up to three bonuses and so on to specialize your troops.

- One can not be too careful. When the first tank rolled out of the factory, it is tempting to let go of the monster alone on the opponent, but that would be a huge mistake. Unless it is a dastardly sneak attack, units must support each other and combine their strengths. The most powerful IS2 tanks is useless if it meets several soldiers with armored Schreck.

- Units gain experience through struggle and thus become better fighters. On the first stage of veterans each unit is learning a new skill that supports their playing style or opened its new possibilities. On the second and third stage, the units get more power and defensive bonuses.

- Retreat is not only not shameful, it is necessary for survival. In the case of soldier squads in time one should always use the "withdrawal" button to call the last remaining members of a squad to headquarters and reinforce there - which is much cheaper and faster than building new soldiers. Vehicles should retire sooner rather than later and have it repaired by pioneers. This saves not only valuable Ressorcen, it is retained veteran status, which makes a big difference.

- Company of Heroes 2 uses the new &# 8220; True Sight&# 8221; with the vision of units is actually blocked by objects that are too high, for example, to simply sit and watch over it system. Houses, walls, or the column of smoke from a burning vehicle allow units to hide, to come or for example, from the line of fire of machine guns lay behind a building an ambush &# 8211; a tank looks pretty funny when he unexpectedly encounters a hidden gun. Some units also have smoke grenades that can use this system.

- On the snow map, the dynamics of the battle changed considerably. Blizzards reduce visibility, soldiers can freeze and that ice surfaces have transitions, but can also be deadly traps. Here, it may happen that the struggle for a while comes to a standstill &# 8211; But a clever commander can get a tactical advantage with mines, artillery and explosives.

- Do not underestimate your early units in the late stage of the game! A T-70 tank for example may not have the necessary clout to stand up to heavy tanks, but its speed and its veterans capability allow clandestine forays into enemy territory that can surprise the enemy strong. The situation is similar with other units, such as snipers or reconnaissance vehicle. It just depends on how to use the units.

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