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scribbling a brief sketch, create a flowchart or draw your own clipart: These are typical applications for drawing programs. The OpenOffice Download offers its own program module for these claims: OpenOffice Draw.

The most important difference from drawing programs to other graphics programs that allow photos to be processed, for example, is the use of vector instead of raster graphics. Illustrations can &# 8211; In contrast to raster graphics &# 8211; be enlarged without loss (scalability). For this custom colors can be assigned to raster graphics each pixel and so color changes are shown, while only the same color areas are displayed in vector graphics.

Drawing with OpenOffice Draw

OpenOffice is the free drawing program called Open Office Draw. With Draw you can make clipartartige drawings which you can then add, for example in presentations OpenOffice Impress or Writer texts. We show how the free drawing program is structured and how to make drawings with the drawing tool:

OpenOffice Draw Home ScreenOpenOffice Draw to create vector graphics.

To start OpenOffice Draw, you can simply open the first OpenOffice Start menu and select the program module Draw here. OpenOffice Draw will open a surface in which a first side for drawing in the main window is already visible. In plain view, this is a blank white sheet, but you can with View scanning can also display guide lines for the placement of vector graphics.

The main functions of the free drawing program Draw

The most important tools for drawing are located in OpenOffice Draw in the toolbar at the bottom. Here the classic signs shapes such as rectangles, circles or arrows can be selected. Around the mold a rectangle having points is drawn. The form created can now be moved to the correct location, enlarged or reduced in size or even distorted by increasing only one side.

Each mold can be assigned a different color. The colors are now, however, the toolbar selected above, after having placed the form correctly. To change the color, but the form must still be activated, which can be seen in the displayed offset points. It can be inserted and edited images and graphics from files or diagrams created in OpenOffice Calc.

OpenOffice Draw DrawingYou can also import graphics and diagrams in OpenOffice Draw

Tips for using Draw the Internet

A good overview of the possibilities of the free drawing program OpenOffice Draw are Ulrich Rapp on his website (along with some hints of how the graphics were created). There you can also find some tips on shortcuts that allow common processing steps can be carried out faster. So you can, for example, raise by pressing the Alt key in OpenOffice Draw figures from the midpoint ago.

The Fontwork Gallery &# 8211; distort writings

A small tool in the tool hides in the Fontwork Gallery, which can be reached only via the icon in the toolbar at the bottom. In FontWork words can be alienated and distorted. In addition one selects a basic shape and then write the desired word in the field directly into it. When deactivating the element the word Fontwork is then replaced by the self-imposed. The word, like other graphics into OpenOffice Draw also moved then be changed in size or more distorted.

OpenOffice Draw Fontwork GalleryWith Fontwork you can create user-specified text graphically appealing.

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