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The net culture regularly releases new abbreviations in everyday language. An abbreviation that is very common to read in chats and messages, hiding behind "IDK". Here you learn, put the importance of the acronym with the letters "idk".

You see the importance of IDUs and the most popular other chat abbreviations in the video:
216333The most widely used chat abbreviations and their meaningsLike so many other shortcuts too, "IDK" originates from the English. Advertised hiding here behind the expression "I do not know", translated something like "I do not know." "No plan" or "do not know.""IDK" has the meaning of the abbreviation in chatSource: CLS Design via Shutterstock,

What does "IDK" in chat and Co.?

  • "IDK" is therefore used by someone in online chats, to say that you do not know something or does not understand.
  • Is the abbreviation "tho" used behind the phrase "I do not know though.", Which still decorates the expression of ignorance and prolongs hiding here.

Sample sentences for the use of "IDK" would be:


  • Q: "Do you know when Half-Life 3 will be released?"
  • A: "No, IDK".


  • Q: "What's the abbreviation" IDK "mean?"
  • A: "idk say," I do not know. "


  • Q: "OMG, you know what time it is?"
  • A: "IDK, 12?"

Whoever wants to can the term "IDK" as a T-shirt on display *"IDK" has the meaning of the abbreviation in chat put.

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"IDK" has the meaning and definition of the abbreviation in chat

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