Setting Navigation home – Here’s how (Maps)

Most animals instinctively find again and again to "home" - most people are as far disoriented. So that you, no matter where you are just getting home safely is back, we show you in this howto: how you set up the "Navigation home" in Google Maps and how did you make appropriate shortcut to the Home screen (Android) ,

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home set Navigation (Google Maps) - Here&# 8217; s

  1. Launches Google Maps and tap on the "Menu" button (top left).
    Navigation home menu button
  2. then tap on the menu item "My Places".
    Navigation home My Places
  3. In the "My Places" menu can be found under the tab "With Label" now the "home" option, tapping on them.
    Navigation home with Label
  4. Here you can now either type or select a point on the map you your home address. In our example, we decided for typing in the address (more precisely).
    Navigation home home address
  5. Give the street name and house number and selects the proposals, the correct address.
    Navigation home address

The address is now saved as your home address. To start navigation home, you must now open Google Maps and either tap the "Home" option under "My Places" or by voice command "Ok Google" and then say "Navigating home".

Alternatively you can simply create a shortcut on the home screen, with which you open Google Maps and the fastest route to your home. How this works, you learn in the next section.

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Home link for the home screen (Android)

  1. Keep your finger on your home screen button until the Homescree options appear.
  2. Typed in "Widgets" to "link" to create the navigation link.
    Create home-link link
  3. Wipes to the right until you come to the option "Route Planner" and typed it.
    Create home-link route planner
  4. In the menu, select "Create widget" chooses her now your means of transport (car, train, bike, walk) and type in your goal.
    Create home-Create Shortcut widget
  5. Just give a "to" and your phone should already suggest you your home address, typed it.
    Create home-linking Selected league home
  6. Now you give the navigation link still an appropriate name and type on "Save".
    Create home-link Saving

Now should be on your home screen a navigation link. So if you have wrong track you even in the new city or are deflected by car wrong somewhere, you have to press and Google Maps spits you right away the way home only to the "Home" button of your smartphone.


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