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Despite that Google has canceled its today's event in the short term, the new Nexus and Android 4.2 have been presented by the company. On the software side, there is, despite the many leaks some surprises

Photo Sphere Camera

With Android 4.2 Google brings us a completely redesigned camera app. Not only that &# 8220; Look and Feel&# 8221; were made far more intuitive, it is now possible Panorama photos in each direction shooting and huge, detailed images, so-called Spheres, to accomplish. These parts are the Street View technology under Android used. The settings (e.g .: flash or Continuous) are now used during shooting of every point accessible.

New Camera SettingsNew Camera Settings

Gesture Typing

Another new feature is Gesture Typing. this is a Swype-like input variant for the stock Android keyboard. Especially here is that parallel to the input at the point at which the finger is input, turns up a small rectangle with the proposed word. Thus, you only have to follow the finger (what you do anyway) and can be noisy Google tap even faster.

Gesture Typing

Multiple users for Tablets

For tablet users enjoy Android 4.2 the possibility multiple user accounts with customized settings, home screen and apps to set up. Unfortunately there is not the time being for smartphones.

Multiple accounts

Quick Settings

Even that was previously announced, but now still surprising. Google has with Android 4.2 Quick Settings introduced. These settings can a button in the notification area be achieved, or by a Down wiping the notification bar with two fingers.

Quick Settings

Lockscreen widgets

That's an interesting thing to there was no evidence so far. Google has now Lockscreen widgets and wipeable lockscreens introduced. One can multiple widgets in various lockscreens Laying and so without having to unlock the device, get things done. Back to Entsperrbildschirm They come back with a mop.

lockscreen widgetslockscreen widgets

Google Now updated

Just in time for the introduction of Android 4.2 also receives Google Now an update donated. They shall for all users from Android 4.1 now more options and more cards be available. In addition, it should be simple possible data like dates and package tracking of SMS and e-mails to take over directly and in Google To display Now. Invites you update most downloaded right here.

Wireless display support

simply Connecting the wireless display adapter to the TV and even content from Android 4.2 device on TVs and displays can be shown.

Wireless Display


Daydream is a kind configurable screensaver, the, can be activated if the device is a not used specific time or e.g. plugged into the dock has been. can view it here Photos, news, etc.


Those who want to watch the whole thing again in moving images, we recommend this video:

Source: Google and TheVerge

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