Violetta: Season 4 – Alternatives to lack Season [Update]

Fans of the Argentine telenovela must be very strong: After the third season, which starts in Germany soon, concluded a fourth Staffel Violetta, again with 80 new episodes, it definitely will not be. What you do now as a loyal fan without Season 4 of the popular series?

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Violetta: Season 4 &# 8211; unfortunately will not come

Three Season each with 80 episodes, one might actually think that enough Violetta lining should be the toughest fans. But that's not natural, a lot of fans would sure to enjoy a Season 4 of the internationally popular Argentine telenovela Violetta.

But the plot of the series takes place, as is the case with this format now times, eventually graduated. And in the case of Violetta this is done with Season 3rd Still, the latest season is yet to broadcast in Germany, so you still have 80 episodes before you, before it then says: That's it.

But what can you do as a fan, if you would like to see more of Violetta and her friends? We looked around for alternatives. There are series that are similar to Violetta?

On the subject: Violetta: When does Season 3 in Germany on Disney Channel?The main character of Soy Luna, Luny is embodied by the Mexican actress Karol Sevilla.The main character of Soy Luna, Luny is embodied by the Mexican actress Karol Sevilla. Source: Disney

Alternatives to missing 4th Season

  • All over, it is actually not, fortunately with Violetta. Already in 2016, that is still a movie follow the series, which can cope with you the missing fourth season maybe a little better. More you read below.
  • You can you but look forward not only to the cinema, in the summer runs namely another telenovela by Disney Channel of which name is Soy Luna. By the way, this is from Violetta known Ruggero Pasquarelli (Federico).
  • In fact, the series of the style and the content will be situated close to Violetta and should thus provide a very good substitute for a missing fourth season. This alternative should still be seen in 2016 in Europe.
  • emma-magicalCan you not do without the original, you can just look at you all the consequences again. This is possible, for example with the DVDs on Amazon *Violetta: Season 4 - Alternatives to lack Season [Update]. For all hardcore fans, there are also numerous merchandise *Violetta: Season 4 - Alternatives to lack Season [Update].
  • While no telenovela, but still quite similar to the series Emma, ​​just magical! The youth series runs from month to Friday on Nickelodeon and starts either 19:35 or 19:40 on the private channel. Just have a look, maybe this series is a good substitute for a Season 4 of Violetta.

Fortsetung of Violetta as a film instead Season 4

You can see also in Germany on the big screen the Disney telenovela soon. Who wants to watch Violetta at the movies, only needs to Release on 3/11. waiting. In the title of the film &# 8220;Tini: Violetta's future&# 8221; (Original title Tini: El gran cambio de Violetta) is indicated that is not here Violetta normal life in the foreground. In the film, it will go to Martina Stoessel, so the person who has embodied Violetta in the series and is now focusing on her singing career. In &# 8220; Tini: Violetta's future&# 8221; shows how it breaks after the success as a soap star on a trip to Italy and finds herself. She meets new people but are also Léon, Ludmilla and Angie course again one of the party. In addition to its history we will of course also get to know new songs and dances.

741tini-Violetta-future-the-history-from third-november-2016-in-cinema-disney-18710.mp4


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