Daft Punk Tour: Alive 2017 – Rumors of live performances

The French duo "Daft Punk" is one of the luminaries of the house scene. For a long time no longer be seen live on stage Daft Punk. Now there are increasing rumors that a Daft Punk tour could queue 2017th

Fixed dates or information to places where Daft Punk could perform live, it does not yet exist. However, a new website indicates a live comeback in 2017th Now even the first appointment for a live performance by Daft Punk's for sure.

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Daft Punk: Live at the Grammys

Unfortunately, there is (yet?) Concert announcement by Daft Punk, but at least one live performance there will be admiring the 2017th Already on February 12, 2017 are Daft Punk with The Weeknd at the 59th Grammy Awards on stage. Daft Punk worked with The Weeknd on the songs &# 8220; Starboy&# 8221; and &# 8220; I Fell It Coming&# 8221; with the band and support.

Teaser for Daft Punk concerts in 2017?

On YouTube earlier this year was already a video titled &Alive 2017; # 8220&# 8243; uploaded. Much of the clip does not show, but some elements are seen which could well remember the electro duo. More exciting is the title and the description of the video. Here there are numerous combinations of numbers found. Reddit is thought that these could be acting to GPS coordinates, which might indicate the locations of possible Daft Punk concerts.

However, the joy of upcoming Daft Punk concerts in 2017 should not rise too quickly. YouTube users indicate that Chad would be the first place for an appearance, one would want to decipher the numbers as proposed. In other places potenteillen discrepancies are found. It is therefore likely to be a hoax and no announcement Daft Punk Tour 2017th

Is there a Daft Punk Tour 2017?

Daft Punk Tour: Alive 2017 - Rumors of live performancesAlready in October has been made "in 2017 Alive" online website entitled. Fans of the French house duo are likely the two live albums that come to mind immediately, after all, carry them to the title "Alive 1997" and "Alive 2007". The albums are named after the same name and the same single tours from the respective years.

A new tour this year would build on the ten-year cycle.

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Indicates Alive 2017 point to a Daft Punk tour?

Daft Punk themselves but there is no confirmation or indication in regard to any tour plans. In the source code of the Web page, the line hidden "WAKE DATE 2016-10-27". In addition, resourceful Reddit user found coordinates for locations in London, Tokyo, Ibiza, Sao Paolo, New York and Los Angeles. In September, some characters on the official Lollapalooza website were so interpreted that Daft Punk headlined the festival in Glastonbury might be.

However, even here there is only a duck. The date indicated nothing happened on the side. The domain is registered to a user in Dunham, North Carolina, suggesting that has made a small joke at Alive in 2017, only a fan.

Daft Punk giving has always been a mysterious duo, hardly appears in public, and certainly not for interviews is ready .. Distinctive signs are the outfits with the robot masks. In the Vita are four studio albums. The latest work, "Random Access Memories", was released in May 2013. The debut album "Homework" dates back to 1997. In the same year Daft Punk went on tour, fans and music enthusiasts can now access new Daft Punk Concerts 2017 to hope.

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