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With the No23 recorder download you get a recording software, record the their audio signals from any source and can save in MP3, WAV or OGG format.

Of the No23 Recorder Download is able to record all audio data from any source and save in MP3, WAV or OGG format. Such sources may be embedded music among other online radio and online TV, microphone, CD / DVD players, music videos, music from games, stereo system or in Web pages. External devices can be connected to the corresponding connections on the sound card to include with the No23 Recorder Download easy. The No23 Recorder Download ensure a high quality recording and has an integrated Ripper for CD and DVD, with ribbed Tracks MP3, WAV and OGG may also be stored in formats. The clearly structured interface of the program and its intuitive menus, this is also suitable for less experienced users. For each menu item provides No23 Recorder tips. To see this, you just have to keep on the corresponding menu item the cursor for a few seconds.

No23 Recorder Download: Additional software features at a glance

In the following you receive an overview of other, of No23 recorder functions provided:

  • Better recording quality by peak modulation
  • Support ID3v1 tags
  • Timed recording by timer and countdown function
  • Automated Registration of CD tracks via FreeDB
  • Integrated CD Player

On the subject:

  • record PC Sound: Audacity internal audio record (even without stereo mix)
  • Record Internet Radio - legal and easy
  • Convert your audio CD to MP3 files


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