Sony Bravia TV: Sort menu and search – Here’s how

You have a SonyBravia TV and are unhappy with the arrangement of your station? Understandable, since the sort that results from the automatic search, rarely corresponds to their own ideas. We tell you how you can quickly sort and easily with software or directly on the device, the Sony Bravia transmitter.

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With its Bravia series Sony offers modern smart TVs with the Android operating system. The TVs can you different devices paddocks intallieren additional apps, games, surf the Internet &# 8211; and of course television. the basics go Given the many possibilities but already slightly below: So many people do not find in the options menu of your device, select the manual tuning even after a long search. We will help you and explain how you can sort with your Sony Bravia the transmitter.

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Sony Bravia: Sort Station &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

If you your Sony Bravia smart TV take the first time in operation, starts an automatic program run. Unfortunately, the order here is not usually how you want it &# 8211; the TV by example until all the HD channels in succession and only then the other channels in standard definition. To bring order to the chaos program, you have the transmitter therefore sort manually. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Go to the main menu of your Sony Bravia television by her Home button presses on the remote control.
  2. Scroll to the pad all the way down and then go into the settings of the TV.
  3. Chooses here the option settings or Digital Analog settings &# 8211; depending on how you receive at home watching TV with you. The following steps apply to both options.
  4. Navigates assign each to digital programs or arrange analogue programs in the following menu and selects the option.
  5. Now you come to the station list. Simply select a station by her navigated with the arrow keys and confirm key in the center of the remote control.
  6. After you have selected a station, you go also by remote control to the desired place in the channel list and puts him there from to confirm. If there is already in the square another station, the two are easily replaced.
  7. Verfahrt by this method until you all stations sorted from.
  8. Finally, you leave the selection menu by pressing the back button on the remote control.
Sony Bravia EditorThe tool Sony Editor you can also sort on the PC station.

Sort menu on the PC: Sony Bravia &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Especially in the extensive station lists in today's cable TV, it may already be a while until times each channel has been sorted &# 8211; especially if you still need tedious fiddling with the remote control to do so. Conveniently, you can also sort on the PC stations for your Bravia TV. All you need to have a USB flash drive *Sony Bravia TV: Sort menu and search - Here's how and Sony editor program.

  1. First inserts the USB stick in your Bravia TV.
  2. Users navigate through the Home key to Settings> digital settings> Program list transmission> Export. Thus the program list is stored on the USB stick.
  3. Installed then the Sony Editor on your computer, put the USB stick into the computer and then opens the editor the file sdb.xml using File Open.
  4. In the main editor window you now see all the channels that were found on the previous scan. On the left side you can see the sources (DVB or satellite). High Definition TV channels are labeled by HD, pay TV channels by the $ symbol.
  5. Now you can watch the channels easily drag&Move drop with the mouse and arrange your wishes. Unwanted channels can you also delete it from the list.
  6. With the control key (CTRL) can also select multiple sender and delete for example.
  7. After you have changed the list, it stores it using File> Save on the USB storage medium.
  8. then can extract the USB flash drive from the PC and puts it back in your Sony Bravia TV.
  9. Your TV will now automatically detects the updated program list and asks you whether to import it &# 8211; Confirmed that yes, then follow the onscreen instructions.
  10. Now starts the new TV &# 8211; then the programs are sorted as on the PC.
Note: If the automatic detection does not work, you have to import manually activated HOME>settings>digital settings>Program list transmission>Import.

Smart TV stations

What can the Sony editor?

The Sony editor gives you several options for editing the station. These include the following:

  • You can sort the channels according to your ideas.
  • You have the option to delete stations. This is useful, of course for encrypted channels or those that you do not need.
  • There is the option to customize name of the sender.
  • With the editor you channels in the four favorites lists can be placed.

Once the channels are sorted according to your wishes, you can have the arrangement as described above transferred to your TV set.

Sony Bravia TV with NetflixSony Bravia TV with Netflix

Which Bravia does it work?

Currently, the Sony editor works on the following models: KDL-55HX750, HX755, HX855, KDL-46EX650, EX655, HX750, HX755, HX756, HX757, HX758, HX759, HX855, EX655, KDL-40EX650, HX750, EX555, HX755, HX756, HX757, HX758, HX759, HX855, KDL-32EX650, EX655, HX750, HX755, HX757, HX758, HX759, KDL-26EX550, EX555, KDL-22EX550 and EX555.

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