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The Messenger WhatsApp has made himself comfortable on numerous smartphones in modern times. With the application you can communicate and additionally send photos over the Internet at no additional cost with all your friends and acquaintances. But what should you do when it's in the app "WhatsApp expires soon"?

update: &# 8220; WhatsApp expires today&# 8221; is a spam trap (November 2015)

Currently circulating increased advertising impressions on mobile websites, the contents of the &# 8220; Warning: WhatsApp expires today!&# 8221; Show. The sender of the message is &# 8220; whatsapp.cm&# 8221; displayed. is treacherous in reporting this alleged warning also appears, actually when you visit reputable websites. So the message was reported increases after visiting the web offer a major German daily newspaper. In the message you will by &# 8220; OK&# 8221; button on a fake WhatsApp page forwarded. then the message with the following text appears on this:

&# 8220; The page on whatsapp.cm reports: Your WhatsApp is about to expire! Download the latest version to continue using our free service.&# 8221;

In addition, a countdown of the screen, which is one of 30 seconds down. This should be built with the user additional pressure. Do you follow the instructions on the screen. However, extended her not supposed to end the threat of WhatsApp subscription. Rather, it is here redirected to a Web page download smartphone services such as ring tones and games. Do you want to extend the WhatsApp subscription on this path, you shut unknowingly subscribe from &# 8211; the trap snaps shut. For the services monthly € 20 will be required.

whatsapp-laueft-offAlthough a number is specified, over which the subscription can terminate alleged. He shall be a text message with the content &# 8220; STOP ALL&# 8221; Send the number 82,555th Whether this way of subscription termination however functioning, is not yet clear. To avoid general cost traps, you should set up a third-party barrier. In addition, one should perform any updates or app downloads from unknown sources.

Below you learn how you should act when the WhatsApp subscription actually expires.

secure WhatsApp history: declared frame by frame

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

WhatsApp expires: No credit card handy?

The first year with the Messenger is free, then must be pressure tested annually 0,89 €. Compared to the price of a normal SMS a sillier price that should not stand in the way of a paid extension.

In addition to the € 0.89 you can continue to plan ahead and pay 3,34 2,40 € for three or five years. But how to pay for WhatsApp? You are here the payment methods Google Wallet credit card, PayPal or purchase by mobile billing is available. However, the last method is only possible with certain mobile operators and also usually requires a mobile phone contract, that is, users of prepaid plans can not pay by this method. Are you getting the message "WhatsApp expires", you must not immediately pick up the wallet, but you can click away the message until the actual date of the end of your free WhatsApp came period.

  1. open Whatsapp
  2. call settings
  3. section account
  4. payment
  5. acquire maturity extension


Gallery WhatsApp for Android

  • (Figure 1.5):whatsapp-for-iphone-download-screenshot
  • (Figure 5.2):whatsapp-fuer-iPhone download screenshot-4
  • (Figure 5.3):whatsapp-fuer-iPhone download screenshot-3
  • (Figure 4.5):whatsapp-fuer-iPhone download screenshot-2
  • (Figure 5.5):whatsapp-for-android

WhatsApp will expire soon: these are the costs

1 year€ 0.89
3 years2.40 €
5 years3.34 €

WhatsApp running, and you have not the right to extend the subscription, your account and your data will be retained. Although you have no way to send or zuempfangen, but still can on the existing WhatsApp course with all videos, pictures, etc. to access.

WhatsApp expires: Is there a trick to bypass?

Seam of the day from the end of your free WhatsApp period, the app opens on the iPhone, or Android smartphone. Opens the settings and calls under "Account" the "Payment" section. Here you can see with which telephone number linked to the installed WhatsApp version and learn also when WhatsApp expires. In the "Payment Info" you can now select a payment method to extend WhatsApp. Give the necessary data for a in the app for. As the PayPal Access or the Google Wallet data. Can not pay her own, you can select &Select Send payment link; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Give to an e-mail address to which the payment link will be sent. can then the receiver via this address for. As a friend, family member or nice good grandma paid the amount due when your WhatsApp period approaches its end. The recipient of the payment links requires neither your phone number nor access to the smartphone and no passwords for WhatsApp account o. Ä.

Gallery Whatsapp payment system

  • (Figure 4.1):menu > settings
  • (Figure 2.4):settings > account
  • (Figure 3.4):account > payment information
  • (Figure 4.4):Here are listed all payment information.

Will seek to ensure to enter the data for the WhatsApp extension only through the app. Encounters her while surfing on a link or banner that prompts you to enter account information for WhatsApp extension, this window will close immediately. This is suspected to be a clumsy, but unfortunately effective test your private data spying. Runs from WhatsApp, you should not wait too long to renew the subscription, or pay. After entering the necessary data for the payment channel of one or two days to process still has to be counted. After the payment is received and posted, you will find under "Payment", the new expiry date for WhatsApp. Paid her fee before Messenger WhatsApp expires, the paid period is suspended until the end of the actual process. Runs WhatsApp for example, in two months and her extended for one year, you is the Messenger from this date 14 months available.

599228WhatsApp TV SpotSince the WhatsApp developers also need a mite for programming the app, there is no trick, with which you can handle that WhatsApp expires. Even reinstalling does not help the screen "WhatsApp expires" to eliminate, as the WhatsApp account is always tied to the phone number and not the device itself.

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