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With Avast Mobile Security there is a complete, yet free security package for Android by AntiVirus firewall to theft prevention.

Anti-virus programs were not necessary so far for mobile phones. but the more extensive the devices and the simpler it is, there to install new software, the more vulnerable these smartphones are then. Because of the open concept and the widespread use Android devices are currently the most endangered most of hacker attacks.

Virus protection also necessary for mobile devices

Fortunately, the security companies have already reacted and now offer even security suites for smartphones and other mobile devices. However, these are like the F-Secure Mobile Security does not come cheap. is therefore the avast! Android praise displaced Mobile Security a lot because it is just as Avast Free Anti-Virus for the PC desktop freeware. In contrast to Free Anti-virus, a feature-limited basic version of avast! Internet Security is, is the avast! Mobile Security Download not even functionally limited. So the user gets access to all functions of the program, and these are some.

Features of Avast Mobile Security

Top feature of Avast Mobile Security Anti-Theft undoubtedly the theft protection. This is actually the well-known and often praised Theft Aware for Android. Theft Aware has Avast acquired and integrated the module as Anti-Theft in the Mobile Security. With installed Anti-Theft you can lock your smartphone or tablet in the case of theft by SMS, delete thereon private data, trigger an alarm or locate the device using GPS. For thieves, it is the reverse is not easy to realize that Anti-Theft is installed on it or to disable the program.

Avast Mobile Security Application Management menu

Other safety features of Avast Mobile Security include:

  • Antivirus: On demand and on access scanning and SD card
  • Safety Report: access rights and actions of all apps
  • SMS / Call Filtering: Blocks callers is
  • App Manager: Task Manager for Android
  • Web protection: warning of dangerous sites
  • Firewall: Prevents hacker attacks
  • List of trusted SIM cards

Gallery Avast Mobile Security for Android

  • (Figure 1.8):Avast Mobile Security for Android virus scanners Home - The Home dee virus scanner avast! Mobile Security for Android
  • (2/8):Avast Mobile Security for Android VirusScan - avast! Mobile Security for Android during scanning
  • (Figure 3.8):Avast Mobile Security for Android virus scanners Fund - The virus scanner avast! Mobile Security for Android displays a Fund
  • (Figure 4.8):Avast Mobile Security for Android main screen - The main screen of avast! Mobile Security for Android
  • (Figure 5.8):avast-mobile-security-for-android-at-scan process -
  • (Figure 6.8):the main screen-by-avast-mobile-security-for-android -
  • (Figure 7.8):the virus-scanner-of-avast-mobile-security-for-android-shows-a fund to -
  • (Figure 8.8):the home-dee-virus-scanner-of-avast-mobile-security-for-android -

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