WhatsApp depends: How do you solve the problem

Your WhatsApp Messenger hang himself? If the problems App makes running unstable or gets stuck in the use on a particular screen, we have compiled this guide you into some solutions that allow you get the problem hoffenlich back under control.

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WhatsApp depends: Causes and Solutions

If you're landed here, you know the problem is likely: you want to use WhatsApp, but it depends just constantly and you just can not use it properly. Sometimes it does not work after a few seconds, sometimes. even the smart phone may crash. It is not easy to find causes of this problem, as there can be many different reasons for this. but some solutions we want together with pass on to you here:

  • Clears first of the cacheScreenshot_2014-10-29-10-41-38 the app of Android. Maybe the system has swallowed here.
    1. Go to the settings of your Android smartphones.
    2. Click click Apps.
    3. WhatsApp is now looking at the list and select the app.
    4. In the next window empties its cache. Beware, if you typed accidentally delete the Data button, your chat history and media files from WhatsApp will be deleted!
  • Might be a little older smartphone and overloaded with the active Apps? In this case, it only helps to end the other apps in the settings completely or even to delete some Android Apps.
  • Installed many apps, which are all active in the background? Even modern cell phones can be too many background processes to its knees. Ends the active unneeded apps here or uninstall it.
  • If the memory of the smartphone fully? If so, should these initially empty, for example, by deleting WhatsApp data such as images and videos. This can also eliminate the problem.
  • If there seems to be no real reason often helps a restart of the device.
  • If even that does not work, you still have the opportunity to WhatsApp completely uninstall from your smartphone to then install it again. In addition, you should delete the WhatsApp folder on the smartphone before reinstalling, so that real all files have been deleted. Where to find the WhatsApp folder and how you can delete it, learn it here: Delete WhatsApp data.

Now WhatsApp should no longer hang actually.


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