Windows 10 Home: Buy Full Version for a knockdown price

The price of the latest Microsoft operating system Windows 10 has moved since the launch significantly down and experienced a real decline in prices. We'll tell you where you get Windows 10 Home for the best price and whether the purchase is worth just.

Windows 10 Home: Buy Full Version for a knockdown price

Windows 10 Home Prices Decline

If you missed the free upgrade of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and is currently on the lookout for a cheap price for the Microsoft operating system, which is lucky. Windows 10 Home has never been so low as to date:

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At times, the full version of Windows sold 10 home for less than 10 euros. Microsoft requires a suggested retail price 135 euros in own store *. That's a huge difference. This is to OEM or bulk versions, although not differ in functionality of the retail version. You get in the case but only the license key with no fancy packaging sent and must obtain the other files directly from Microsoft. The offers and distributors of price comparison are tested, so that one is taking no risk.

The license key of Windows 10 Home can be used to upgrade from an older version of Windows or a new installation. So if you have just assembled you a PC so that you can use to install the operating system this key.

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The key for Windows 10 Home is for the 64-bit version of the operating system. Most new computers have a 64-bit processor so that the installation is absolutely no problem.

Windows 10 Pro with more features

Who needs a few more features for Windows 10, can currently buy the Pro version cheap:

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Where the differences between the Home and Pro versions of Windows are 10, we have listed in a separate article. One should therefore consider beforehand which version suits their own requirements. Here you get both the 32- and 64-bit version.

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Windows 10 Home: When is worth buying?

Now, for Windows 10 Home and Pro have never been so cheap to have such date. Merchants demand partly under 10 euros for the home and at 20 euros for the Pro version of the Microsoft operating system - even with Amazon *Windows 10 Home: Buy Full Version for a knockdown price. The price decline is enormous and the updates for future Windows 10 versions are free. Microsoft will deliver two updates Microsoft a year and always extend the functionality so piece by piece. If you switch, that is always up to date.

(As of 14/10/2017)

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