Open Cortana search again using a standard browser: Windows 10

In Windows 10 Cortana opens by default when the browser web searches Edge with the Bing search engine. We show how Cortana again open your set default browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

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Since April of 2016 Cortana opens search results only in the browser Bing. This can be changed but again.

Windows 10: Cortana search in your default browser open (Chrome, Firefox)

Thus Cortana opens in Windows 10 for searches on the Internet is not Edge, but Firefox or Chrome, it does the following:

  1. Set your default browser in Windows 10 initially on Firefox or Chrome. Opens to the settings, system default apps and scroll down to the heading Web browser. Click on the browser stored there and selects yours.
  2. Invite you download the file from the web EdgeDeflector.exe Github. Your they do not have to install.
  3. Create a new folder and copy the EXE file in there. The order must remain so that the method works.

    We have EdgeDeflector stored in this folder.We have EdgeDeflector stored in this folder.

  4. starts EXE file through a Double. Confirmed the information message.
  5. Now looking at Cortana something, so that the web search opens.
  6. A dialog window will appear.

    Selects these options.Selects these options.

  7. Chooses EdgeDeflectorand places a check mark in Always use this app. confirmed OK. If the entry EdgeDeflector does not appear, start Windows 10 and executes the instructions through again.
  8. If you will be asked for your default browser, selects it and also relies on a check Always use this app and confirmed.
  9. If you are looking now with Cortana something always set your default browser opens in the Web search (Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

Note about the program: The EdgeDeflector.exe file according to developers working in the background and only when the Cortana search must be redirected to the default browser is running. If you are a Windows 10 updates installed, it is possible that this method does not work anymore and the above steps must be executed again. Looks under the above link to see if new versions of the program can be found.

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