Stronghold Crusader

build castles, storming castles, stimulate the economy, plunder towns &# 8211; The eternal cycle of life, let live and taking away is inexorably Stronghold Crusader fort.

Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader is the sequel to the highly successful strategy game Stronghold. The player has the option to choose either for an economic mode also play a configuration mode that focuses on the fighting units at the center.

Basically, the plot of the game in the Middle Ages at the time of the eponymous crusades and provides the player with appropriate outbuildings. The supply of own units is a top priority, because without this no successful mission completion can be made.

Metacritic average rating: 78%

Stronghold CrusaderStronghold Crusader: build castles and destroy

Who wanted to be the lord of the castle in the Middle Ages ever want, or who has ever wanted to send an army of pikemen and archers in the battle against evil lords, for the offers strategy game &# 8220; Strong Crusader&# 8221; everything you wish for. With Crusader, players take on the management of a castle keep and learns Based handling units and replenishment. After learning the basic skills he can choose between two modes. It is recommended that you download as soon as possible to Stronghold Crusader Patch.

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Stronghold Crusader simulates an economic cycle

On the one hand there is a business simulation to choose from, on the other hand you can choose a combat based simulation mode. In economy mode, the player must make several missions in which he has to produce certain goods or purchase. The advantage here is that no fighting units destroy the item purchased. However, the economy is threatening adversity, for example by appearing town fires.

The combat mission based mode is full of missions, where the military units are in the foreground. These need to be created and supplied. In contrast to the economy mode, however, the player can conquer goods or even take foreign castles. Particularly convincing are the fine graphics.

Stronghold CrusaderStronghold Crusader: The war is a fundamental part of the game.

thus &Hold Strong; # 8220&# 8221; in the sequel Crusader is an absolute must for any real-time strategy fans. The excellent graphics and amusing plot guarantee hours of fun, whether you opt for the pure economic missions or combat.

Stronghold Crusader Demo

We apologize that behind the download does not put the, after which it was looking for. We have now replaced the demo for Stronghold Crusader Extreme by that of Stronghold Crusader. Have fun playing!

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