Google Maps: Activate driving mode can be predicted & route

Google Maps comes with a so-called driving mode that shows you the route that you want to probably go next, including traffic information. We show how you can turn it on and use it.

Using stored locations and the last stretches of the driving mode calculated in Google Maps, where you're most likely want to navigate next. Optimally, you need then no longer Navi or need not have to type laboriously the routes.

Start driving mode in Google Maps

  1. Opens Google Maps and type in the top left of the menu icon.
  2. Selects from the list the point Drive off out.
  3. The driving mode starts.
So you open the driving mode in Google Maps. The settings opens her about the three points.So you open the driving mode in Google Maps. The settings opens her about the three points.

If not yet enough driving information from the past and no track is proposed, you can top your set target. it passes through the three points in the settings, where you can also place a shortcut on your home screen to drive mode. But this is also another way, as we show now.

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Laying driving mode shortcut on the home screen: Google Maps

  1. Typing long selects on a free area of ​​the screen and widgets out.
  2. Scroll down to Maps.
  3. Including you keep on driving mode pressed to place it on the home screen.
  4. About the new shortcut you can now immediately start to drive mode.
So ye are laying the driving mode on your homescreen.So ye are laying the driving mode on your homescreen.

If you can not create the widget updates the app Google Maps. Probably you are still using an old version of the road where the driving mode is not yet integrated. is also interesting to view in Google Maps jam.

Note: Under certain circumstances, the driving mode of Google Maps is still immature and erroneous. Watch for regular app updates to fix errors.

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