iOS downgrade – So you turn on Version 11 back to 10

An iOS downgrade is possible and makes sense if one prefers rely on familiar things instead of innovations. The easiest way is if one applies a backup before the update. If it is too late, you learn here how you can downgrade the new iOS on older versions.

The iOS downgrade primarily for the users of a beta version interesting. Just as you might want to return to robust features during the trial period. But as a downgrade is possible not only to the previously used version, but can be further transported back in time your device - assuming the correct firmware. We provide you here various options to pre an iOS downgrade.

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Perform iOS downgrade to iTunes

You need to perform this operation in any case the latest version of iTunes. Once installed on your PC or Mac, should you Creating necessarily a backup of your current settings before an iOS downgrade. So a backup is the way, the easiest and fastest way to reset your device to the state before the update. Here, your phone or iPad is cleared first and then reset to the previous version with the backup.

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If you still have a backup from before the update, you can perform as an iOS downgrade:

  1. Connects your iPhone or iPad to the computer and start iTunes.
  2. Put the unit in the maintenance condition.
    The iPhone 6s and above, iPad or iPod the standby button and the home button is pressed simultaneously so long touch to be up on the screen "Maintenance state" to read.
    From the iPhone 7, the standby button and the volume down button hold down until "Maintenance state" is displayed.
  3. Now the old presses (PC) or Option key (Mac) and click in iTunes at the option of restoration. Seek out the next dialog from the most recent backup of the previous version of iOS.
  4. After installing the backups may involve creating log in again to turn off the activation lock you with the Apple ID and your password.

It is important at this step include: The device has been deleted. The iOS update has been uninstalled. The iPhone or iPad is now in the state where the backup was created. This means that all subsequently made changes and app installations must be performed again.

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The iOS downgrade without backup

Without backup an iOS downgrade is possible - but much more unpleasant. It starts with the fact that you have lost all installations and settings after the downgrade. You begin again on a completely set-back to the previous iOS version device.

Also, you've got to get only one file with the desired iOS. There are various options. One possibility is the website. Here you can find older versions of iOS to any device. If you do not exactly know which fits the device displayed there for you, you can it can be identified based on the model number there. Then you click through you to the appropriate IPSW file and save it on your computer.

Alternatively you can possibly older versions on the sides of the Apple Developer program or the public beta program can find.

Then you perform the steps described above, selects the downloaded file instead of the backups and then have a virgin machine with an earlier version of iOS. Now, however, you've got to log into the iPhone or iPad and make all settings again.

However, you can fall back then on older versions of your backups and receive at least some basic data back. This, the currently installed iOS then is retained, but the data stored in the backup settings are transferred.

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