terminate AldiTalk – Here’s how

You turn your ALDI Talk prepaid card no longer want to use with your smartphone, you can easily cancel ALDI Talk. The following instructions, we show you how.

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To cancel ALDI Talk, you've got to not necessarily apply directly to the seller - if your credit is used up, ALDI Talk automatically expire. The following points should consider their case:

  • After activating the prepaid card you can use ALDI Talk for 12 months. Invite her she meanwhile on, so does the period is extended.
  • Invite her the card by 5 euros on, the period is extended as by 4 months. The higher the amount when charging the card, the longer the period. The maximum extension is 24 months.
  • After the deadline, you still have 2 months to charge the card again. Invite you do not within that period on, the card is completely disabled.
Aldi talk tariffsAldi Talk offers many cheap fares. to terminate a reason there is still time and again.

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In principle, it ALDI Talk so you must not quit. If you want to stop using the card in the future, it is sufficient to use up the remaining balance. Possible exceptions are:

  • You want to keep your phone number from ALDI Talk and use the next provider
  • You want to let you pay off your remaining balance

For these cases, ALDI Talk offers a prefabricated termination letter&# 8221; href =&# 8221; https: //www.alditalk.de/sued/rund_um_aldi_talk/Kuendigungsschreiben.pdf&# 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>Termination letter on its website at.

  • Fill out the form and send it to this address:
  • E-Plus Service GmbH & Co. KG, PO Box 14425, Potsdam.

Let you not confused by provider name: ALDI Talk is the brand name for the card, the network itself is managed by E-Plus. therefore your cell phone contract with ALDI Talk can you terminate directly at E-Plus. Uses the form above or simply invites you the Cancellation form downloaded in PDF format.

For Cancellation form*

Aldi Talk offers cheap mobile rates.

If you want to let you pay off after deactivation remaining credit, you must submit a separate request in written form. Important: The credit remains active a total of 3 years. The form can be found on the service side of ALDI Talk. For further questions about your credit you might also be the service hotline of ALDI Talk available.

  • The number of the hotline is 0177-1157
  • Cost: 0.49 € / call

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