Xbox One Dimensions: So much space does the console

You manage you of an Xbox One and want to know how much space it will take up in your booth? Handy if you know the exact dimensions of the console from Microsoft. We bring light into the darkness, as we unpacked the tape measure and reveal the exact dimensions below, so you can begin planning.

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When planning where to stand up a new Xbox One, the question, of course, plays a crucial role on the size. Consoles from Microsoft have always been not for its paperback format known and need a bit more space on the TV table or shelf. That is why we tell you the exact Xbox One Size. We also tell you how much space the corresponding Kinect camera 2.0 needed.

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Xbox One degree at a glance

The Xbox One is as big as the previous console Xbox in about 360. Square and rather clunky black console acts already and does not fall just on optical frills. However, it does not have extravagant shapes and can thus in most cabinets and shelves are bringing. but you have to make in addition also some space for the Kinect camera. The dimensions of both devices are as follows.

Xbox One33.3 cm27.4 cm7,9 cm
Kinect 2.024.9 cm6,6 cm6,7 cm

Rather horizontal than vertical

Microsoft does not recommend the Xbox One to represent vertically, as it may cause problems in operation. That's why you should prefer the horizontal positioning in your planning. The Kinect camera cable is the way 2.9 meters long, so that their scope to console you.

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