Stronghold Crusader: All cheats for Castle Simulation

Stronghold Crusader is a true classic among the real-time strategy games. To make you life a little easier lord, there are one or two cheat, down the next crusade to brainer is. We show you all cheats and what you have to consider when entering.

Stronghold Crusader: All cheats for Castle Simulation

published in 2002, her embark in Stronghold Crusader as an Arab or European prince on crusade in the predominantly sandy desert regions of the world and possess a castle after the other, plunders the local treasuries and multiply your wealth with a solid economic cycle. What cheats here grab you by the arms, learn it below.

Cheats for Stronghold Crusader

Before you can even use a cheat for the game must go her to the main menu of the game and move your cursor to the Crusaders the right. therefore keep the button Ctrl down and give the keypad to the term triblade2002 on. Pay attention to the numbers not the number pad to use right of the keyboard, but the number row over the letters.

Hold the cursor over the Crusaders right in the picture and give & quot; triblade2002 & quot; on a keyboard.Hold the cursor over the Crusaders right in the picture and give &# 8220; triblade2002&# 8243; on a keyboard.

Now simply start a crusade or the historic campaign and activate the cheats by the following key combinations:

Alt + X+ 100 popularity, + 1000 gold
Alt + CAll missions will be unlocked
Alt + KEnemy fortress is destroyed
Alt + Zselected unit is destroyed
Alt + Zenemy castle is destroyed
Alt + PThe level of a character is increased
Alt + FEach upgrade is activated
Alt + QSpeed ​​is increased
Alt + YAll opponents fall into sauce

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