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The Twitch bits and cheer the popular streaming service Twitch introduces a new donation system: Spectators of a stream can express in this way their support, interact in chat with other people and the provider of a stream entohnen with money. Read here how the Cheering works in Twitch how you buy the bits and how many bits gets you for your money.

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Twitch is one of the most popular &# 8211; if not the most popular &# 8211; Streaming service when it comes to videos and Let&# 8217; s Plays to host computer games. Popular games such as League of Legends reach at peak times some hundreds of thousands of spectators &# 8211; particularly comes with this is that users not only watch passively videos but can interact with other viewers in the chat. In the past, there was already, the Twitch and emotes & Smileys for chat - the new Twitch bits and the Cheer function now promise even more interactivity, as well as tangible profits for providers of streams.

Twitch bits and Cheer

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Twitch bits and Cheer: New donations feature of Twitch

Cheer called in German as much as &Cheer; # 8220&# 8221; or &# 8220; to express his approval&# 8221; &# 8211; and just that is what the Cheering in Twitch also. With the feature you can write in Twitch chat a Cheer message and respond directly to the stream and express your support for the provider.

  • To submit a Cheer message, you must first buy Twitch bits.
  • Bits are animated emoji, which are available in different shapes and colors and you can buy with real money.
  • Then you give to guests, how many bits do you want to use for the Cheer &# 8211; depending on how many bits it selects the more prominent is the Emoji.
  • But Twitch Cheers are not just a visual gimmick: The bits also function as a donation for the provider of a stream.
  • If you used (purchased with real money) bits for Cheeren in a channel streamer receives a share of the revenue.
  • So far, the Cheer feature is available only as a beta in ausggewählten partner channels of Twitch &# 8211; to a not precisely known time in the future, but you can spend bits and Cheeren in all channels.

Learn more about the bits and the Cheering in Twitch be found on the official summary page.

Twitch CheeringTwitch: Bits her expresses your support for your favorite streamer.

Twitch: buy bits and use Cheer &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Bits buys her still using Amazon Payments. Click on that in a channel is enabled in the Cheering on the bits icon next to the Emoji icon and then the buy option selects. Then you can specify how many bits you want to buy the bundle.

Twitch Cheering AmazonSo far, you have to link the Amazon account with Twitch to acquire bits &# 8211; but for the future, other payment methods are planned.

Here is an overview of how many bits get her for your money:

100$ 1.40
500$ 7.00
1500$ 19.95
5000$ 64.40
10,000$ 126.00
25,000$ 308.00
Tip: You can in your account at any time over a maximum of 100,000 bits have. Also, you can not buy more than 200,000 bits in a day.

After the completion of the purchase you the bits are automatically credited to your Twitch account and you may be able to use to Cheeren in the enabled chat channels. just type this &# 8220; cheer&# 8221; one, directly followed by the number of bits that will you use it. Example: You want to use to Cheeren 1000 bits. Give the following command in the chat one: cheer1000. The more bits it spends, the higher the donation for the Streamer turns out also the Cheer looks emoji beautiful.

Twitch bits EmojisThe more money you spend for the bits, the more complex view of the emoji.

With repeated Cheering in a channel you will receive additional Cheer badges. This indicates visible to anyone else that you actively supported the canal. Here the Cheer badges in the overview:

Twitch Cheer Badges

Twitch bit rate: How much money gets the Streamer?

An interesting question is of course: How much money actually gets the streamer when their bits used to support the channel? On the Internet, for example, on reddit is already speculation eagerly how high the shares are going to the Streamer and how much pocketed Twitch itself. So far, there is only speculation to many users go first tests but believes that Twitch receives a larger percentage share of small donations, than at higher sums.

The distribution could look something like this (all subject to change):

  • 100 bits ($ 1.40): Twitch gets 29%
  • 500 bits ($ 7): Twitch gets 26%
  • 1500 bits ($ 19.95): Twitch gets 24%
  • 5000 bits ($ 64.40): Twitch gets 22%
  • 10000 bits ($ 126) gets Twitch 21%
  • 25000 bits ($ 308) gets Twitch 19%

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