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Windows 10 comes with a built-in PDF printer. So you need to install any additional software if you want to create about from Word or other Office programs PDF files. We show how to create your PDF files in Windows 10 with a few steps.

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PDF has become a popular format in the office world. In Windows 10 you do not need additional software to create PDF files from applications such as Word, Excel or others. Windows 10 has already integrated a PDF printer.

Windows 10: Create PDF - Here&# 8217; s

Windows 10: PDF files created her out on the print menu of all programs.Windows 10: PDF files created her out on the print menu of programs.

To create a PDF in Windows 10, do you do the following:

  1. Open the file you want to save it as a PDF file in its native application or app.
  2. Presses Ctrl + P to open the Print dialog. Mark you P simply as a print, which is English for printing.
  3. Selected in the Print dialog top left of the drop-down menu as a printer Microsoft Print to PDF from.
  4. Optional can you below the lettering Other settings still set portrait or landscape orientation, and determine the size - A3, A4, A5 etc.
  5. Confirmed your settings by clicking the Print button.

Windows 10 then saves the document as a PDF file in the Documents folder. You reach the folder where you press the key combination Windows + E to open Windows Explorer, and then click This PC and documents.

If you have not installed a PDF program, Windows 10 opens PDF files by default in Microsoft Edge.

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Web pages saved as a PDF file in Windows 10

The print function of Windows 10 works in all programs and apps that support printing of documents. For example, you can also save web pages as a PDF file in Windows 10th How to do that you read our article Microsoft Edge: 10 Browser tips that everyone should know in the Tip paragraph 7 below.

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