Ghost Recon Wildlands: Play Multiplayer and Co-op with friends

Similar to The Division you have in Tom Clancy&# 8217; s Ghost Recon Wildlands play as a team to survive. Tactical approach is a must in the amount of enemies. In Koop you can play with up to three friends in co. However, a multiplayer mode is to be integrated into Ghost Recon Wildlands.

In Ghost Recon Wildlands you have Drug lords lure out of hiding and defeat. Here, you can 21 different regions of the map and eleven different ecosystems explore. You play a ghost, so a member of the US Military that operates in secret. Accordingly, it is better if you sneak up on you enemies. Drones and binoculars belong to your equipment, which speaks again for stealth and against the steamroller. In multiplayer or coop the game even more techniques allows that you Tactics and Teamwork promise.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Koop with up to four players

The heart of Ghost Recon Wildlands is the Co-op. As with watchdog 2 is also available in this Ubisoft title one seamless multiplayer. This means that you can go into the multiplayer game of your friends without charging easy. A total of four people can play in a squad together and make the drug scene in Bolivia uncertain. It is, however, No different classes, anyone can choose. You should deny you therefore who cheered for example, from a distance with the sniper rifle.

uses the simultaneously shot, whom you can unlock as skill. Thus marking their opponents and makes them visible to other players. Giving you more better sneak up on enemies. Other tips for Ghost Recon Wildlands can be found in our article linked to it.

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Do you want to instead play alone, are you three AI Ghosts set aside that you can command her also. Commands of you tell them if they fire, stop, or to follow. Do you play a co-op session with your friends and they close the game, you AI colleagues will accompany from now. So the developers want to ensure that your game is never interrupted. Rather than hit you with three friends, you can also participate in a public round. Then you play in Public co-op with up to three other people.

The co-op mode can be switched off, if you will prefer playing alone.The co-op mode can be switched off, if you will prefer playing alone.Start Photogallery(14 images)The unusual marketing campaigns for games

Questions and answers about the co-op mode

Do you have Questions about the co-op mode? We try to give you in this section the most sought-after information about Ghost Recon Wildlands. Do you have other problems or questions about the co-op? Then she introduces us like in the comments below this article.

Can we play just the two?

Sure but that! You are only 2 players, but you get No AI soldiers provided as an accompaniment to the side. You've got to then second slice through Bolivia. but it is possible, even more unknown players dazuzuholen from the server to the round.

How can I invite friends in my game?

First you have to lobby, the place as a rider next to the skill and tactic. Here you will also find settings, adjust the example, your privacy, so that no one can simply join your game like that. Did you play with players with whom you like to want to again make Bolivia unsure you will find all the names of them also in the lobby. All friends in your friends list who also play Gost Recon are displayed in the lobby and can be selected and invited here.

You can only invite friends if you are friends via Uplay. Even if you bought through Steam the game, it is not enough that you are friends through this platform. The game supports no cross-platform multiplayer. Who, for example, plays on the Xbox One, can not be connected with soldiers in front of the PC or the PS4. Furthermore, there is no local co-op mode so you can play together on one screen.

How can we talk within the squad?

Communicate in a team is the alpha and omega of this, there is a internal voice chat, you can talk to you about, if you have connected a microphone and headphones. In addition, you can the Befehlsrad open and thereby command also right players like the AI. Also can you mark points on the tactical map for other players.

What happens to my progress in the story, when a friend joins?

Your progress is in history saved, when you help a friend with a mission. Is he more than you, that's just one matter. You can still play this mission, but will gespoilert you. Is the mission completed, you can return to your progress again. Includes their use, however, in common from, is also for you the next mission unlocked, so you can skip some order.

All missions can be played with up to three friends in co.All missions can be played with up to three friends in co.

Can I play a mission with friends, even though I have already played?

You can inserts repeated as often. Will you help a friend in Co, which plays a mission that you have been through, you get experience points anyway. To repeat a bet, you have the Open application Journal and select the mission. It is then displayed on your map. Before you this have not played out, can you no more again be displayed on your map technology. This means that only one to be repeated mission shall be displayed on the map.

all team members near must be from each other?

There are no connection between the squad members. For example, a member can devote quite other things on the map. but we recommend you that you will remain near each other to always be on the spot when a soldier needs to be healed.

Up to four players can move into a troop through the country.Up to four players can move into a troop through the country.

Do I get when I have not actively put to use while working in, rewards?

Yes, it works. Are you actively involved and help with to complete the application, also gets its rewards. All have the use activated, but are situated in different map sections, they also get all the rewards in the end. Collectibles, each player must collect in the round. Loot as supplies or weapons also collects every man for himself. Documents or locals, but the Locations List you some collector's items on the map, only has to discover one to make it visible to all.

Multiplayer in Ghost Recon Wildlands: So far nothing is known

Together with the announcement of Season Passes Ubisoft also said that a classic PvP mode. It should be based on classes and four players in one team against another four players muster. Of the &# 8220; 4 vs 4&# 8243; mode has not yet been described by Ubisoft, so we can only guess how the mode will look like eventually. The release of the Multiplayer still no exact figures were made. He shall in &# 8220; an undetermined period after publication of the game&# 8221; are delivered via free update for all players. Let's wait times.

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