Samsung Apps: Samsung’s own app store on the net and as an app

In addition to the Google Play Store, there are numerous alternative app stores in the network, also collect many providers and manufacturers applications under its own roof and prepare them for the potential clientele. Including Samsung: Both as a web shop as well as an application for smartphones offer the Koreans under the name Samsung Apps currently more than 10,000 applications for suitable Android OS devices - and even a few for Samsung bada a failed operating system.

Samsung Apps: Samsung's own app store on the net and as an app

Who's Apps - for whatever reason - would not relate to the Play Store on Google, it can do so in the alternative app stores: Amazon has with the App Store, for example, its own store for Android applications in which, and to can propose a bargain even, but a free application is offered for sale for download a day with security. Samsung also has ready with the Samsung Apps a similar concept.

Availability of Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps Screen

Samsung Apps is available both in the web browser - there with the possibility of Apps on the device and OS to be sorted Show - as well as an app for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets ready and available with some different app offer in over 100 countries. Most applications in the Samsung Apps are chargeable, may be paid far covered only by credit card. In addition, the prior registration at Samsung in the form of a Samsung account is imperative to use Samsung Apps.

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From time to time a bargain may be in the Samsung Apps but are beaten, that whenever there premium applications are offered free of charge at times and for certain unit - as happened, for example, in the past with titles from Gameloft or festive occasions.

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Download the Samsung Apps

The Samsung Apps application is preinstalled on the devices of the Korean manufacturer; who is using a custom ROM or has the app for other reasons no longer on the device and they want to re-install manually, is down to download the APK file, taken from an Android 4.2 firmware from the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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