Hostel 4: Is a theatrical release planned?

Is Hostel 4 already being planned? Five years after the publication of the last Hostel film, it is more than time for another part of the widely acclaimed splatter film series. After the third part has been released on DVD and never made it to the movies, the question should be asked: Is there a fourth part? it comes out in theaters? And what does Eli Roth that?

Hostel 4: Is a theatrical release planned?

In our list of horror movies for 2017 Hostel 4 is not here yet - but this must not mean anything. Although many fans of the third part *Hostel 4: Is a theatrical release planned? were rather disappointed, they want a continuation of the started in 2005 splatter film series. Just as a fourth horror Hostel scenario many fans wish the cult director Eli Roth back as the maker and mastermind.

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Hostel 4: If Eli Roth directed by lead?

In the first film Hostel *Hostel 4: Is a theatrical release planned? Not only did Eli Roth directed, he also wrote the screenplay and produced Quentin Tarantino. This combination owes the splatter / horror community some of the best scenes and images since it horror and splatter films are - and that's what you want back. In an interview late 2015 Roth was just asked and answered YES! He confirmed that he had idea, but he would not want to lead the Director. Too bad, but hard fans even that will be enough. therefore, a theatrical release date is not yet in sight. If there is news, we will inform you in good time.


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Hostel 4: A venerable successor of the film series?

Eli Roth has not let announce one can only speculate about a possible plot. but which could be reasonably expected when Eli Roth gives its input, is that there will be plenty of Gore and Splatter Elemnte. Also, one can assume that the plot roughly corresponds to the current storyline: Somewhere in the world people are abducted to serve the sadistic fantasies much richer man than Quälobjekte.

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In the table you will find some facts about the previously released Hostel movies:

2005HostelEli RothJay Hernández

Derek Richardson

Barbara Nedeljáková

2007Hostel 2Eli RothLauren German

Roger Bart

Heather Matarazzo

2011Hostel 3Scott SpiegelKip Pardue

Brian Hallisay

John Hensley

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