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Orphan Black was a total surprise success - both in terms of audience and the critics. Mid-year 2017, the fifth season starts in the US. but we wonder now whether a sixth season is already being planned when we get to see and how they should look.

Orphan Black has won the People's Choice Award and the Emmy - not just once. Also for the Gloden Globe was the leading actress Tatiana Maslany that plays a multiple role in the series, already nominated. She not only plays Sarah Manning, but also all of their clones. , A search for the question "How many of us are there?" With the fifth season come to an end?

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Orphan Black Season 6: Is there a sequel?

Mid-2016, the series was renewed for a fifth season. At the same time announced that the fifth season will be the last. Face of very good reviews, the many awards nominations and the many loyal fans, this decision is very difficult to understand. So we ask why? The idea for Orphan Black is from Graeme Manson and John Fawcett. The former has the end of the following reasons: he was very pleased with the overall work of the last seasons that you have created. but he had the feeling that it was all told. They want to be repeated in any way and water down the series. Therefore, it has decided to end the series with dignity and to let it rest as a package.

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Orphan Black Season 6 or movie?

A small consolation is the fact that there are actually talking about a possible movie. There is of course nothing sure yet, but initial talks are supposed to take place. So far, nothing about plot, cast, director or release date is known. Should change this, you experience it for granted at this point.

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Fans burn certainly some interesting questions under the nails, such as:

  • Tatiana Maslany will again be here and play various clones?
  • If not, to whom the focus will be?
  • Are there any other projects besides Castor and Leda?
  • If you get the problem with the gene sequence under control?

Once any of these questions can be answered, we will reveal it to you here.