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The WhatsApp preview can be convenient because you can see at a glance whether a message is important. But you should disable WhatsApp preview when it is private and can sit and watch too many people. so goes&# 8217; s!

With Android and the iPhone we can do different &Levels; # 8220&# 8221; can activate the preview for each app that receive messages. These levels differ in the amount of information and possibly even accompanying noise. In extreme cases, the phone vibrates, gives a signal and displays up to 5 lines of the message. This is handy if you are waiting for really important messages. Embarrassing it can be when doing drifting more private messages where a possible observer is not supposed to even read the name. Or more specific: If the future partners may writes and the current partner could see it. Apart from a possible WhatsApp password protection should be deactivated completely in such a case is the first preview the WhatsApp.

There are a few other WhatsApp settings that should know her. In this video, we present them to you before:
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WhatsApp preview disable on iPhone

Just as there are different gradations of WhatsApp preview, there are different display locations. On the one hand we have called from the lock screen, even lockscreen, and distinguish the normal screen. This has something to do with one's own behavior. If we want to disable only the WhatsApp preview lock screen, because we have the phone otherwise anyway in hand, then it's really fast.

We can disable or enable WhatsApp preview all or part ofWe can disable or enable WhatsApp preview all or part of
  • settings call.
  • To Messages switch (second section of this menu).
  • Whatsapp tap.
  • Decide what you want to deselect.

As mentioned, there are different gradations here. At the top we decide whether any messages are allowed. Communications means in the event that WhatsApp ever displays in some form when a new message arrives. The counter on the app icon will always be visible.

If we want to messages, we can decide to be like this clearly and whether they should show up in lock screen now even. Finally, we decide at the bottom yet, how much of the new message we can see.

If we want to disable all WhatsApp preview, so deselecting ranges from allow messages. we want to keep the messages, but they do not see the lock screen, then the entry is In the lock screen deselected. And if we want to see that a message came and who wrote them, but not the content, then the bottom of the reminder style the option banner selected.

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WhatsApp preview disable on Android

Disabling WhatsApp preview for Android is basically similar to the iPhone, but here are the menu slightly different places

  • Select System Settings
  • application Manager
  • View WhatsApp notifications on or off

Alternatively, if you do not want to completely disable the Preview WhatsApp in Android phone, you can change the pop-up notifications.

  • settings
  • Notifications
  • Popup Notifications

There are four possibilities No pop-up, only when screen, only when screen and pop-ups always display. So Here is how and where WhatsApp is to indicate a possible preview or can the WhatsApp preview on Android quite clear.

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