Nintendo NX: Possible price and release date published

The Nintendo NX is probably one of today's most highly anticipated console, while we do not yet even know how she looks really and when they appear at all. The last point was now perhaps answered by the British supermarket chain Tesco. The retailer listed the NX for sale in the online store with the price and date.

Until Nintendo officially introduces the NX it will probably take a little bit. Nevertheless, the British company Tesco has bridged the waiting time and the console available for a short time to pre-order in your own online store.

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While in the offer of any images were seen, but at least the price of 349.99 pounds sterling (about 400 euros) as well as the release date on December 31, 2016 have been mapped.

The question now, of course, how seriously we should take this message. After all, Tesco and Nintendo have already worked together in the past to boost the sales of the Wii U. And the price of the console is realistic, considering that the competition for Sony and Microsoft in the UK will also get a similar amount for their consoles. At least the release date may be disregarded only once, since it is very likely dealing with a placeholder.

A few days ago we reported that it could be in the NX a hybrid console. This will consist of three parts: the docking station, the handheld and a performance module. The latter will provide the power and provide better graphics on the handheld.

That is why the Wii U was still a success for Nintendo

According to rumors but that is not sufficient to make the PS4 in performance behind. Accordingly, Nintendo could then justify the price with that of the user as well as three hardware parts mobility that offer two different ways to play - it can be played on the handheld on the go and the picture will be home then exported via the docking station on the TV.

The rumor after Nintendo introduces the NX soon, is favored that the Group now facing retailers, the "last orders" of the Wii U has announced. Thus, you want to stop the end of September the extradition of Nintendo's console.

Whether and to what extent we can believe the reports also, ultimately, however, remains questionable.

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