Resident Evil 7: Known playing time and why it is longer with VR

Just two weeks you have to wait on Resident Evil. 7 Now we have some official information about playing time and why the season with PlayStation VR will be longer a statement. There is also a new trailer.

15614Resident Evil 7 in the test

Capcom will really teach you again to fear, as the new Resident Evil 7 is firmly behind survival horror on an abandoned farm somewhere in Louisiana. To the scenes include inter alia a multi-storey and verwinkeltes house with many hidden secret passages in which the very strange family Baker seems to live. to discover the secret, your task in the horror shocker.

So far, there have been many guesses for playing time, but we now have an official statement from Capcom on the subject. Thus, you will need about 9 to 13 hours to play through Resident Evil. 7 The playing time relatively very different and depends on whether you are trying to decipher each puzzle or just quickly get through.

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Therefore, the playing time is longer with VR

In addition, Resident Evil can be played 7 on the PS4 complete with PlayStation VR. According to its own internal testing Capcom, you need about two to three hours longer with the VR headset to reach the end of the game. The reason for this is related to the particular experience that offer virtual worlds. You spend more time to view things and thus linger longer in the creepy house.

Who wants to make the experience even more authentic, for which there is an official accessories in the form of a 4D candle. This gives off a smell of old wood and blood and is thus intended to bring you closer to the ambience in the horror house.

New trailer released

Capcom also released today a new, chilling trailer that you can find at the beginning of this news. It summarizes theme of the game together briefly. Accordingly, a home is a welcoming place, which is a haven for safety and warmth come together in the family, laugh, celebrate and friends as well as strangers are welcome. At family Baker we are there but not so sure&# 8230;

Resident Evil 7 will be released on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you want to learn more about the horror experience, we recommend you our preview.

What do you think the trailer and what you say to the estimated time?

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View our current video preview:

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