Xposed Framework officially available for Android 5.1 Lollipop

The mighty Xposed Framework is now officially for Android 5.0 and Android 5.1 Lollipop available. While there were only unofficial builds and alpha versions of the Android kit previously, the responsible developer has rovo89 now released a stable version for download. subject entirely without risk, the use of which is not yet, at least annoying bugs such as occurs in some users high battery consumption but should belong to the past.

Xposed Framework officially available for Android 5.1 Lollipop

Most Android users is likely to be a term the Xposed Framework: Who would not fitted with a custom ROM or his smartphone can accesses Xposed since time immemorial. By installing the user has access to a large amount of different tools and useful apps in the form of modules that customize as the user interface to your own needs or useful tweaks can be unlocked. The implementation under Lollipop put the developer responsible rovo89 been facing some problems, but now a stable release is officially available.

Among other things, a bug has been removed in the new version of Xposed Framework, which led to increased battery consumption of smartphones by the mobile network binding. Also problems with the stability of the framework, as well as compatibility with the majority of the modules have now been eliminated. Remains problematic is the use on Samsung devices since the manufacturer has made some changes with regard to the ART runtime. Some Sony equipment can not access the Framework due to a faulty services.odex file and may receive a "Fatal signal 6" error during installation.

Installing the Xposed Framework

The installation of the framework designed due to the occurring since Lollipop difficulties as something complex, root access remains mandatory. In principle to have the correct framework ZIP file must flashed via custom recovery and then the corresponding APK install sideloaded. The latter is only possible if in the settings to install apps from "unknown origin" and "unsafe sources" has been activated. Choosing the correct files depends to which smartphone it is here; downloadable they are in the appropriate thread on XDA Developers. A useful Flowchart from XDA users Danarama clearly explained the selection process:

Source: XDA Developers via Android Police, r / Android

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