Quiz Duel: forgotten password and no mail – what to do?

The app "Quiz Duel" enjoys even months after its release still popular. Annoying it if you have forgotten your password for quiz duel and thus can not log into the account to continue to put his knowledge to the test is.

Find out here what you can do if you forget the password for the quiz duel account.

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Quiz Duel: Lost password - so you can reset it

The app has its own feature that you can reset the password again for such emergencies. Procedure is followed as follows:

  1. Starts Quiz Duel app.
  2. In the login screen, the function "Forgot Password" found.
  3. You will receive an e-mail to the registered at registration mail address. About this release will receive their instructions to reset the login password.
  4. Opens the mail. Here is the link where the password can be changed.
  5. Selects the new window a new password for the quiz duel account.
  6. Stores the password. You can you then log in using the new data in the app.

Quiz Duel: forgotten password and no mail - what to do?

Quiz Duel: forgotten password and no mail - this can be done

Alternatively have a Login via Facebook to be possible, you should the account from the social network associated with the app. Checks in this case whether the correct Facebook password is used.

But what can you do if you have specified an incorrect or outdated e-mail address during registration, which can not be accessed? Even without mail you can possibly regain access to the quiz duel obtain the password should have been forgotten. On an Android device, you can login to the Google mail address try her to be logged on the smartphone or tablet with the.

Quiz Duel: forgotten password and no mail - what to do?

Should not work, have to record their contact with the quiz duel support. Support can be reached by e-mail at the following address: [email protected] Describes your problem. Under certain circumstances, you need to specify additional information to your account to make sure if you are also the actual account owner. However, with a processing time you have to expect. If you do not get tired of the game, learn from us and how to delete his quiz duel account.


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