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Driving your PC no longer fully up and reports the error "NTLDR is missing" has a simple cause: Removes simply the non-bootable floppy disk or CD from the drive and restart. If this does not work, you can help our instructions on securely.

Error message: NTLDR is missing - So you bring your PC back up and runningWhat is NTLDR
The NT loader or short NTLDR is the boot manager of Microsoft for all Windows versions that run under the NT system. The associated files ntldr,, Ntbootdd.sys and bootsect.dos that lie at the root. The boot manager can influence before the launch of Windows starting behavior via parameters and also makes it possible to operate several different Windows versions in parallel.

NTLDR is missing - what to do?

I get the message is very clear: The necessary files are missing on your hard drive. Simplest solution to the problem: The NTLDR must restore. But how it ever comes to the error message?

hochfahren_fehlerThere are some unique error causes that "NTLDR is missing" error can cause. Below we list you on the most common causes and the necessary steps to remedy. Some Trouble Shoots you have to start the PC in Safe Mode:

  • The system attempts to boot from a non-bootable floppy disk or CD: Eject media and reboot.
  • Hard drive settings in the BIOS is incorrect: Setting the hard drive with the operating system as the master.
  • Boot.ini contains incorrect or corrupt entries: Have you made changes, makes these irreversible.
  • When installing a second hard drive: Each new hard disk must be set as slaves and are therefore plugged into the correct slot. In addition, the hard drive should not contain bootable Windows system.
  • The files NTLDR or have problems: Copied in this case the appropriate files from the Windows CD and start the PC in the repair console. now leads the copy d commands: \ i386 \ ntldr c: \ and copy d: \ i386 \ c: \ out.
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NTLDR is missing &# 8211; So you get it back

The simplest solution is so simple zoom to pull the installation media of your operating system and draw from there the missing NTLDR files on your computer. With our guide that works by itself:

  1. Sets the Windows CD / DVD into your drive and start the PC
  2. presses Ctrl + Alt + Delete, as it already indicates the error message
  3. Selected in the boot process to start from CD-ROM Drive
  4. Windows Setup appears on the screen, press instead of the Enter key (which continues the installation) the R key for Repair
  5. Selects the number that is to be repaired drive (usually the 1 C: \ Windows)
  6. Now give the administrator password for your PC (The Windows administrator password forget - what do)
  7. In the following prompt, you can now check what NTLDR file is missing for now actually exactly
    1. Changes for the CD drive with input from &# 8220;e:&# 8220; (In general, E: \, the standard mileage identifier)
    2. With &# 8220;to you&# 8221; now calls her the directory E: \ on
    3. Changes to the I386 with input from &# 8220;cd i386&# 8220;
    4. now give &# 8220;you ntldr&# 8221; one to view the files in the appropriate folder of the NT Loader
    5. now copy the missing files with the command &# 8220;copy ntldr c:&# 8221; and &# 8220;copy c:&# 8221; (Should appear whether you want to overwrite the file, it did not appear from it. So you can No specify)
  8. Restarts the computer now without the Windows CD new

Proactive approaches to prevent the error

Will you not repeat the operation again, you should take a policy for the future in order not to let the error message return. For this, you can store it as a backup on the hard disk files.

  1. Make your way for it in Windows Explorer
  2. Provides the Tools > folder options > View one that Protected operating system files to be displayed and also selects All hidden files and folders out
  3. In C: you can now find the files ntldr and
  4. Copied them and pushes them into a new folder on the hard disk that her best names so that you can find them later

Now you can with any live CD produced the data by their verfahrt similar to the previous instructions, thereby simply selecting only your self-created directory as the origin.


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