SpoolerSubsystem app: So you solve the problems

Error Messages SpoolerSubsystem application to different causes underlie, but for the user this news means mostly that you can no longer print. But this and other problems can be solved on Windows XP and other versions of the operating system and we tell you how.

SpoolerSubsystem app: So you solve the problems

The function of the app SpoolerSubsystem

SpoolerSubsystem App is a Microsoft-developed application for connected printers, you could also tell the Windows Print Spooler service. The executable file of this service is spoolsv.exe, and is in the folder C: to find \ Windows \ System32, and in other Windows folders.

spoolersubsystem app


The SpoolerSubsystem app is the main component of the printer or fax interface. It allows the process of printing not claimed the entire computer, but can run in the background. The application is initialized when the computer in the background and you can control the process in Task Manager. If you have connected printer no, you can this process there also with the ticking turn off easily.

CPU utilization by SpoolerSubsystem app at 90% -100%

It is possible that the application excessively utilizes the CPU. The problem can you fix in most cases with the following steps:

  1. Each by double you come to control Panel -> administration -> services.
  2. There, you look for the entry &# 8220;print queue&# 8221; click with the right mouse button and select &# 8220;break up&# 8220 ;, but closes the window &# 8220;services&# 8221; not yet!
  3. Now it looks for the directory C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS. If you do not have appropriate rights to the PC, it may be that this directory you will not be displayed on the search screen, then you look for the folder on the path, so you click from directory to directory.
  4. Deletes all the files in the folder PRINTERS are located.
  5. Goes back to the window &# 8220;services&# 8221; -> Right-click on &# 8220;print queue&# 8221; -> Start.


If this procedure does not help, it may be that the problem is based on outdated printer drivers or to attack by malicious software. Then a driver update or scan with a virus scanner or anti-malware program would be best to get the high CPU utilization by SpoolerSubsystem app under control.


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&# 8220; SpoolerSubsystem application has encountered a problem&# 8221 ;: Troubleshooting

Some thoughts and actions can save a lot of time may:

  • Are you sure there is no hardware defect underlies? These include the printer, the power connector, the connection cable or the existing radio connection.
  • Second, you should be sure that the existing drivers up to date and are not damaged. When in doubt reinstall.
  • It should be excluded that the PC is infected by malicious software and the Spoolsv.exe file, for example, a masked Trojans.
  • but would also be possible that the printer is too old for the operating system: Windows 8 is not compatible with all generations of printers.
  • Windows itself offers a small printer troubleshooter program &# 8211; maybe that can help in the quick solution.

spoolerSubsystem app

The above error message appears often those when a printer driver or a third party service limits the functionality of a newly installed printer. For example, the problem is often found when a custom Lexmark printer driver is installed on the computer and a new one is added.

The following procedure involves the manipulation of registry entries. With an incorrect procedures you can thereby damaging sensitive your system. Who has little or no computer skills should definitely invite a better versed friend for support.

spoolerSubsystem app


1. Start the computer in Safe Mode in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8th
2. Delete all Printer Queue and printer driver files in the directories: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ Printers and C: \ system32 \ spool \ drivers \ w32x86.
3. editing the Registry: If the problem on the installation of third-party products that are in conflict with the Print Spooler service, based, even the problematic entries in the subkey of the Windows NT x86 service of these third party must be removed from the registry:

SpoolerSubsystem app

  • To do this you call the Registry Editor: begin -> perform -> Input: regedit -> OK.
  • Searches for the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Print \ Environments \ Windows NT x86 -> two subkey should now be listed: driver and print processors. If more than this key listed, would be the next step is to delete them.
  • But first you should a Copy Create this key: Click the menu &# 8220;file&# 8221; on &# 8220;Export&# 8221; -> give in the field &# 8220;filename&# 8221; the name of the key and clicks &# 8220;to save&# 8220 ;. With the backup copy of the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Print \ Environments \ Windows NT x86 you can create the key back, should arise after the procedure problems.
  • Then you can watch the subkey to right click &# 8220;Erase&# 8221; and confirming with &# 8220;Yes&# 8221; Erase.
  • Following you have to dasgleiche do it again for the pressure monitors, here you seek the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Print \ Monitors and subkeys: BJ Language Monitor, Local Port PJL Language Monitor, Standard TCP / IP Point, USB monitor. Other listed pressure monitors can delete it after you have created a security key.
  • then finished down the Registry Editor and drive the computer.

4. Shut down the computer and disconnect the connected printer from the PC

5. restart the computer. Connecting the printer to the PC and follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and print a test page. Idea liter SpoolerSubsystem the app should not cause any more trouble now.

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