Setting up WebDAV in Windows 10 – Here’s how

WebDAV can you set up a 10 cloud storage as if it were a hard disk drive letter in Windows Explorer in Windows. We show how this facility works with WebDAV.

WebDAV is a standard to provide files from the Internet, such as from an online hard drive, cloud storage or NAS. The WebDAV protocol is a lot more comfortable than FTP because you let View your cloud storage as a network drive in Windows Explorer. Furthermore you can then modify files in the cloud storage, upload and download.

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The advantage: WebDAV does not have to be installed in the rule. Almost all Windows and Linux versions support the protocol from the factory. So you have to just set up.

  • Setting up WebDAV on Synology NAS
Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

Setting up WebDAV in Windows 10

Note: If you use a separate NAS or another WebDAV server, you first need to enable WebDAV in order for the device in Windows 10 works in its settings may.

  1. Opens Windows Explorer with the keys Windows + E.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on this PC and selects the entry Add network address out. confirmed Continue.

    So you created a new WebDAV connection.So you created a new WebDAV connection.

  3. Selects the option: Choose a custom network address and clicks Continue.
  4. Now give the WebDAV server address / DynDNS address on. This starts with http: // or https: //.
    For security reasons, you should SSL encrypted URL &# 8220; https&# 8221; use. Looking at the FAQs (FAQ What is?) The cloud provider to find out the address. NAS systems or other servers to which you have admin access, you need probably still a DynDNS address if not already set up. See also: Setting FritzBox DynDNS.
  5. then give the corresponding username and the password on.
  6. After confirming the cloud storage appear with you in Windows Explorer &# 8220; This PC&# 8221 ;.

Tip: What is the best free DynDNS alternative?

WebDAV ports

WebDAV is an extension of HTTP (S) protocol. Therefore, the associated ports these protocols must be permitted to allow WebDAV works. This is the case in general, since the HTTP and HTTPS protocols are required for surfing the Internet:

  • port 80 (HTTP)
  • port 443 (HTTPS)

WebDAV also for smartphones and tablets

You can set up WebDAV on your smartphone or tablet. Google Play or iTunes App Store can be found, many WebDAV clients. As an example we mention here FolderSync Lite or WebDAV Navigator, both of which achieve very good reviews.

FolderSyncdownloadQR codeFolderSyncDeveloper: Tacit DynamicsPrice: Free WebDAV NavigatordownloadQR codeWebDAV NavigatorDeveloper: Schimera Pty Ltd *Price: Free

Disadvantages of WebDAV

  • If you change only a small part of a large file in the WebDAV directory, the entire file is always uploaded to the server.
  • When uploading a file is interrupted, the file must be uploaded anew again.
  • WebDAV is slower than FTP.

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