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The most beautiful and most powerful smartphone is no good if the space is filled in no time. Whether with videos, apps, photos, and other content, an internal memory at a regular use of the device quickly on the edge of its capacity. Also the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Samsung Galaxy Plus to get under some circumstances to the point to which you want to expand the internal memory.

By nature, the new Samsung flagship come in two variants with per 64 GB of storage. Of this, can according to the manufacturer used 52.3 GB free become. Unlike the iPhone, you can easily expand the memory of the Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus): What memory card do you need?

As late as 2016 there were rumors that Samsung wanted to use the UFS standard in the Galaxy S8. The "Universal Flash Storage" technology is a new standard for memory cards, the read and write speeds in SSD climes can achieve. Integrated microSD memory cards can not be used here, instead you would have to buy new UFS cards. However, these rumors were not confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S8 (plus) to expand memory: So klappts

So you can the memory on the Samsung Galaxy S8 by a commercially available SD card, and more with a expand microSD. A corresponding slot is available. If the microSD card is inserted, the expanded storage space is immediately for photos, videos and more. So you can still continue to use an old memory card with the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus. supports memory cards with a capacity up to 256 GB.

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With an SD card the Samsung Galaxy S8 (plus) to expand storage

While the Samsung Galaxy S8 in this country is already lush equipped with an internal memory of 64 GB, buyers in China and South Korea can use even a single device access 128 GB of internal storage. Meanwhile, there were rumors that spoke space from a Galaxy S8 with 256 GB. However, a model with such a luxurious storage capacity not appear for the time being.

After so even renounced a microSD slot on the Samsung Galaxy S6, then either the S8 as the previous model back to the tried and tested way to the store to enlarge.

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