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The highly reliable se Google Chrome browser has now and then a few hiccups that occur mainly in conjunction with installed plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player. The Flash player is responsible for the image and sound of videos on the Internet and can be found in most browsers as a plug. And if the browser and plugin does not communicate correctly, errors occur that can affect picture quality.

The failure of the sound on YouTube videos is a prominent example of such an error. Inexplicably were video clips of entertainment platform YouTube are not or if then only play without sound. The solution for this sounds simple, but it works in most cases.

Google Chrome without sound &# 8211; Basic settings

Before her, in your software searches in the case, which delivers Google Chrome no sound for errors, you should check the basic settings. Are the speakers properly connected and turned on? If the volume of the speakers and the system volume of the computer to a normal, audible level set?

The easiest way you checked the correct settings by her attempts to play music with your media player on the computer or play YouTube videos with a different browser. Do these errors, you checked when playing a video in Google Chrome whether the program volume was changed. Click it selects on the speaker icon in the right corner of the taskbar and &# 8220; Mixer&# 8221 ;. now find the entry for the Google Chrome and the flash player. If both volume control set at an audible volume, an error between Chrome and Flash Player is available.

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Google Chrome has no sound &# 8211; sound configuration

Google Chrome no sound sounds simple, but it works: The speakers on &Stereo; # 8220&# 8221; configure and the sound is back.

There is still no sound in Google Chrome, you can try to change your playback device. Go to the Start menu of Windows in the &# 8220; Control&# 8221; and changes the upper right view in the icon view. now selects the menu item &# 8220; Sound&# 8221; and clicks right-click on the device to configure (for example, &# 8220; speakers&# 8221;). Chooses &Configuring; # 8220&# 8221; and the next screen, stereo configuration. This should fix the problem for now.

If this is not the case, you have better or worse, for the time being to another browser to resort until Google provides a fix for the problem. Searches this case, the Google Chrome Help and the Chrome product forum on. In the latter can describe and ask a question you your problem.

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